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Our web site offers products and information online for easier access.  With the ability to search the entire catalog, we feel confident that you can find what you are looking for.  With new product developments and daily updates, the latest from Keyser Manufacturing is now available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Protek Competition Lubricant - (16 oz.)

Comments: Add to severe duty, high stress and performance engines. Cools oil up to 57 degrees. Eliminates oil starvation, bearing failure, piston scuffing, galling, bluing, metal transfer, valve train drag and foaming. Eliminates condensation in gas and alcohol engines. A must for all Circle, Drag, Blown, Turbo, Nitrous, Pro Street and Marine applications. NOTE: Shipping to Continental United States Only. No P.O. Boxes. Ground Ship Only.

Hot Lap Pro Bite (32 oz.)

Comments: Pro Bite is for slick tracks. It can be applied during the week. Hand wiped or rolled. Apply 6 coats total Tuesday through Thursday or roll for 30 minutes on Wednesday. More coats equal more grip. NOTE: Shipping to Continental United States Only. No P.O. Boxes. Ground Ship Only.


Comments: Any easy and efficient way to needle your tires. Needling your tires allows the tire to fire faster and cool down faster. It also helps in allowing the blocks of the tires to spread out more resulting in more tire surface on the track.


Comments: The 5x5 electric tire prep station can be permanently mounted in your shop or your race car trailer. Variable speed motor can rotate in either direction. Hands free foot pedal control. Can be mounted on the Electric Tire Prep Stand (430 TPS005-C) so you can easily take your station with you when you go to the race track. Accessories sold separately. Accessories include: Needler ( 430 TPSNDLR ) , Grinding Tool Holder ( 430 GRI009-E ) , Hot Iron Holder ( 430 HTI007-E ) , and the Ideal Hot Iron ( 430 IHI5 )
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