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Weekly Winners 7/10/18 - 7/16/18 July 16, 2018

Weekly Winners 7/10/18 - 7/16/18

Congratulations to:

Travis Stemler – I-96 Speedway

Michael Norris – Pittsburgh’s PA Motor Speedway

Amanda Whaley – Delaware International Speedway (pictured)

Tim Fuller – Mohawk International Raceway

Max McLaughlin – Brewerton Speedway

Derek Green - Hancock County Speedway & Kossuth County Speedway

Tad Reutzel - Kossoth County Speedway

Lance Town - Lakeside Speedway

Matt Sheppard – Cornwall Motor Speedway

Jesse Mueller – Devil’s Bowl Speedway

Mike Marlar – River Cities Speedway

Darron Fuqua - Lucas Oil Speedway

Jimmie Haager – Montpelier Speedwaay

Andy Bryant - Lakeside Speedway

J.R. Heffner – Lebanon Valley Speedway

Rex King Jr. – Lernerville Speedway

Coleby Frye – Port Royal Speedway

Craig VonDohren – Big Diamond Speedway

Clint Hatlestad - Princeton Speedway

Devin Smith - Buena Vista Raceway

Brad Smith - I-35 Speedway

Shaun Sewell – Fayetteville Motor Speedway

Jared Boumeester - Mason City Motor Speedway

Brandon Beckendorf - Arlington Raceway

Cody Nielsen - Hancock County Speedway & Clay County Fair Speedway

Brandon Sheppard – Black Hills Speedway

Billy Dunn – Can-Am Motorsports Park

Dave Constantino – Fonda Speedway

Tyler Limoges - Shelby County Speedway

Tyler Bare – Winchester Speedway

Michael Lake – Elkins Raceway

Adam McAuliffe – Albany-Saratoga Speedway

Mike Laughard – Dog Hollow Speedway

Stewart Friesen – Fonda Speedway

James Dennis – Ohio Valley Speedway

Austin Hubbard – Bedford Speedway

Jordan Grabouski - Boone County Speedway & US30 Speedway

Jordan Watson – Delaware International Speedway

Max Blair – Stateline Speedway & Eriez Speedway

Brianna Ladouceur – Cornwall Motor Speedway

Eric Stanton - Hamilton County Speedway & Mason City Motor Speedway

Jason Fusselman - Shelby County Speedway

Jason Trammell – Tazewell Speedway

Ricky Thornton Jr. - Southwest Speedway & Dacotah Speedway

Neil Baggett – Magnolia Motor Speedway

Mike Lisowski – Grandview Speedway

Matt DeLorenzo – Albany-Saratoga Speedway

Doug Manmiller – Grandview Speedway

Alan Rudalavedge – Penn-Can Speedway

Logan Roberson – Hagerstown Speedway

Darrel DeFrance – Hamilton County Speedway

Austin Hubbard Scores $8,200 Payday At Bedford Speedway July 13, 2018

Austin Hubbard Scores $8,200 Payday At Bedford Speedway

 Austin Hubbard played a waiting game for 45 laps before rising to win the big 82nd anniversary event at Bedford Friday night.   It was the third career Bedford triumph, all coming in special events, but his first in over five years at the track.  It was worth $8300 to the Delaware racer.  In other action, big 2018 winners Mike Altobelli and Josh Frankenberry won the accompanying EMod and Pure Stock events.

     After the pill draw for the lineup,  Alex Ferree and Nathan Lasalle brought the Late Model field to the green.  Ferree shot ahead at the start and immediately displayed dominance over the field.  Ross Robinson got by Lasalle for second on lap 4 and sixth starter Austin Hubbard followed him by into third on lap 5.  Huibbard got by Robinson  on lap 7 and the group ran in that order at the front until one of the most bizarre events in Bedford History occurred on lap 11.

    On that lap, with the field in full action, the front stretch lights went dark, forcing an immediate  22 minute red flag to secure the problem.  During the delay, quite a few racers pitted and went to the rear, but the order at the front remained the same.

   On the restart, Ferree again ran off from his chasers,  Jeff Rine joined that group as he got by Robinson on lap 13 for third.   A few more cautions slowed the field, but Ferree ran off from the second place battlers each time opening up large leads.

    While the action at the front stabilized, all eyes were on B feature winner Jared Miley, who was sliding thru the field from 21st starting position.  He made it to seventh by lap 30 and jumped into a great battle with Robinson and Walker Arthur.

     The complexion of the event totally changed after a lap 44 caution for a slowing Andy Fries.   On the restart, Ferree again shot ahead but suffered a flat tire on the back stretch.  Hubbard, in tire saving mode for the duration , shot by for the lead and ultimate win by holding off Rine for the last five laps.  Tyler Bare was third, ahead of Robinson, Walker Arthur, Miley, Steve Casebolt, Andy Haus and Dylan Yoder.  

      Hubbard was the fast qualifier.  Ferree, Lasalle, Darryl Hills and Robinson won the heats,  Miley took the 19 car B feature.  Chuck Clise was the high point man promoters addition to the event.

For more news visit www.bedfordspeedway.com

Matt Sheppard Wins A Barn Burner At Cornwall Motor Speedway July 12, 2018

Matt Sheppard Wins A Barn Burner At Cornwall Motor Speedway

By Martin Belanger

Cornwall, Ont , CAN – July 12, 2018 – The north portion of the 2018 DIRTcar 358-Modified Series started in great fashion at Cornwall Motor Speedway with the richest race of the tour one of the longuest race as well in the Series. Matt Sheppard left Cornwall with 12000 reasons to smile and no better way to celebrate his 36th birthday as he captured $12,000 to win Race for the Cure 150!

After a lap 4 accident, Sheppard charged back from a 26th starting spot to first: ’Wow, I don’t what to say! I thought my night was over after that crash but was able to come back’’ mentioned a smiling Sheppard. ‘’The car got better as the laps got by as you could see the car bobbled during yellows’’. ‘’I can’t thank the Slack family for giving me this ride tonight, if it was not from them, I would not be here tonight!’’ completed Sheppard who collected a total of $18,000 in about 10 days at Cornwall after winning the Super DIRTcar Series on July 1st.

Collecting second in the feature was Mat Williamson: ‘’I thought I had it tonight, it was a matter of a few feet’s!’’ mentioned Williamson. ‘’We worked hard during the break to get this car ready and it paid off!’’

Winner of last season’s event, Tim Fuller finished on the final step of the podium. ‘’We had a great car but hat’s off to both Matt’s for their run here tonight, the track was in great shape!’’ said Fuller.

Gary Lindberg and Jordan McCreadie led the field of 32 strong to green in the 150-lap Race for the Cure Feature as McCreadie took the early lead over Lindberg and Carey Terrance. A tangle involving Matt Sheppard and Dale Planck in turn 1 occurred on lap 4 and yellow was out, drivers were able to return to action.

Action resumed on lap 11 with McCreadie leading the way as Terrance looped in turn 2 and caution was out lap 13. McCreadie remained in front as a few new faces joined the top 5 with David Hebert, Steve Bernard and Tim Fuller by lap 20. Bernard started to make progress in front as he took second spot by lap 35. Leaders were reaching lap traffic when an accident occurred between Steve Morris and Stephane Lafrance.

On the restart on lap 45, McCreadie remained first with Bernard following closely as battle went on for third between. Something let off on McCreadie’s ride on lap 55 and had to let go the lead to Bernard. The #54 to the lead with Lindberg in second with Brian McDonald and Mat Williamson making their way front after starting in the mid field.

At halfway point, Bernard was leading over Lindberg, McDonald, Fuller and Williamson. A lot of changes on a lap 79 restart as Lindberg pulled a great move on Bernard for the lead as Williamson move to third. Williamson had a great car and took second on lap 84 over Bernard.

With 50 laps to go Lindberg kept his distance from but after starting back in 26th, Sheppard made his way in the top 5 and was on a mission passing the leader and moving up to second by lap 120. Kevin Hamel brought the field together on lap 124. Williamson leading the way, but Sheppard was following closely as Lindberg stopped in turn 4, losing his great 3rd place run with 22 laps to go.

The leaders got into lap traffic with 10 laps to go as Sheppard was riding on the bumper of Williamson. Sheppard waited patiently behind the leader and chose the high lane in traffic with 2 laps to go, Sheppard used that lane and pulled besides Williamson with the white flag waving, both drivers races side by side as Sheppard got the edge at the winner’s circle over Williamson by only .042 seconds as Fuller completes the podium.

For more news visit www.dirtcarump.com

Weekly Winners 7/3/18 - 7/9/18 July 9, 2018

Weekly Winners 7/3/18 - 7/9/18

Congratulations to:

Jordan Grabouski - Eagle Raceway

Josh Foster - Clay County Fair Speedway

Jason Minnehan - Sports Park Raceway

Tanner English – Clarksville Speedway

Mike Blazavich – Dog Hollow Speedway

Max McLaughlin – Land of Legends Raceway

RC Whitwell - Crawford County Speedway (pictured)

Michael Lake – Elkins Raceway

Gregg Satterlee – Muskingum County Speedway

Max Blair – McKean County Raceway & Stateline Speedway

Craig VonDohren – Grandview Speedway

JD Johnson – Belleville High Banks

Derek Green - Kossuth County Speedway & Mason City Motor Speedway

Jared Boumeester - Mississippi Thunder Speedway

Camaron Marlar – Lake Cumberland Speedway

Pat Graham - Stuart International Speedway

Louie Jackson – Cornwall Motor Speedway

Mike Marlar – Deer Creek Speedway

Darron Fuqua - I-35 Speedway, Lucas Oil Speedway & Lakeside Speedway

Brandon Sheppard – Dubuque Speedway

Mike Maresca – Sharon Speedway

Gene Henrie - Sweetwater Speedway

Michael Norris – Lernerville Speedway

Cody Nielsen - Hancock County Speedway & Kossuth County Speedway

Brian Shirley – Quincy Raceway & Lincoln Speedway

Logan Roberson – Winchester Speedway

Zack VanderBeek - Deer Creek Speedway

Brandon Spanjer - Dawson County Raceway

Stewart Friesen – Fonda Speedway

Ralph Morgan Jr. – Port Royal Speedway

Neil Baggett – Greenville Speedway & Magnolia Motor Speedway

Kent Robinson – Brownstown Speedway

Will Vaught – Lake Ozark Speedway

Corey Jones - Proctor Speedway

Todd Boulware - Buena Vista Raceway

Mike Spatola – Fairbury American Legion Speedway

Dave Constantino – Glen Ridge Motorsports Park

Brandon Thirlby – I-96 Speedway

Myles Michehl - Hamilton County Speedway

Mike Bowman – Merrittville Speedway

Danny Johnson – Land of Legends Raceway

David Rieks - Marshalltown Speedway

Darrel DeFrance – Hamilton County Speedway

Jimmy Phelps – Brewerton Speedway & Utica-Rome Speedway

Kelly Shryock - Kossuth County Speedway & Hancock County Speedway

Andy Bryant - Lakeside Speedway

EJ McAuliffe – Albany Saratoga Speedway

Jeff Strunk – Grandview Speedway

Clint Hatlestad - Arlington Raceway

Andy Bishop - Southern Illinois Raceway

Ayrton Gennetten - Southern Illinois Raceway

Zach Hubbard - Southern Illinois Raceway

Freedom Fighter 100 Won by Jimmy Phelps July 8, 2018

Freedom Fighter 100 Won by Jimmy Phelps

VERNON, NY – July 8, 2018 – The Baldwinsville Bandit Jimmy Phelps struck gold, winning the $6,000 to win Freedom Fighter 100 at Utica-Rome Speedway in front of a tremendous crowd. Race fans witnessed an incredible race as Phelps held off charge after charge from the likes of Stewart Friesen and Danny Johnson. Johnson, coming off his win at Land of Legends Raceway, finished second, and has put a firm stamp on his bid for the overall Series Championship. The bottom step of the podium was filled by Erick Rudolph. He started 13th and made his way up through the field, passing points leader Matt Sheppard late in the 100-lap race.


The drive of the night and KSE Hard-Charger Award winner goes to Phelps’ HBR teammate Max McLaughlin, who started in 19th position after running into problems during his Heat Race. McLaughlin’s Big-Block Modified was fast on the top and bottom side of the race track. The no. 6h flashed by fifteen competitors to secure fourth position.
Jimmy Phelps, who started on the pole, felt he had Lady Luck give him some assistance. “Fortunately, I had good track position. I gotta thank the young lady that pulled that Dig Safely NY 811 hat in the redraw for me. What a car all weekend long. It’s been on rails. I just can’t thank everybody at HBR enough. There’s just a huge list of people that make this happen. It feels good.”

Phelps struggled with lapped traffic: “When it’s your night, it’s your night. The cautions definitely helped me. We were definitely committed to the bottom. I was able to roll around a couple guys in turns one and two in the middle. I just really ventured out there in three and four. Fortunately, I didn’t have to. I was hoping we were good enough to make it happen if we had to.”

This was Phelps’ first Series checkered flag in 2018. “We’ve been on a little bit a dry spell in the win column with the Super DIRTcar Series, so this feels good to get back on track here. Hopefully we can keep it rolling.”

Danny Johnson grabs his second podium finish in two races. “Yeah it was good. Just came up a little bit short. Really ecstatic for my team that we could come up here in a top position. We almost had it, close but no cigar. We could have been a little bit better but maybe next time.”

Erick Rudolph made timely and decisive moves to get there around starting mid-pack. “We started 13th and had a little way to come but we had 100 laps to do it. We’ve got some things to sort out. Congrats to Jimmy and Danny on their top 3 finishes. I didn’t have anything for them but maybe next time we might. Beginning of the race it seemed like it wanted to be on the bottom and then as the race went on it wanted to be elsewhere.”

For more news visit www.superdirtcarseries.com

Vanderbeek Nails Down Second Gopher 50 Title July 7, 2018

Vanderbeek Nails Down Second Gopher 50 Title

By: Todd Narveson

It was an absolute picture perfect day at Deer Creek Speedway for the 39th Annual Bigelow Homes Gopher 50. The beautiful weather brought a huge crowd to witness the show.

The USRA Modifieds were on the program for the Gopher 50 along with the World Of Outlaws Craftsman Late Models. This was the 21st consecutive year that the Modifieds joined the Late Models in the annual summer classic.

The show was sponsored by Bigelow Homes, Miner’s Outdoor & Rec, Tralo Companies, Carroll’s Corn & the Rochester Eagles Club. Carroll’s Corn added money to the Modified purse and also offered a $500 hard charger award for the feature. The also awarded the top two in passing points with a $300 and $200 bonus.

Tralo Companies presented the top eight in passing points with a challenge. Starting with the top passing point driver, they had the opportunity to start eleventh or twelfth for a $5000 bonus on top of the $5000 winners share if they won the A-Main. If they were not successful they would receive $250.

During the program Josh Ihlenfeld owner of Tralo Companies informed race officials that the bonus had been increased to $10,000. So if the driver accomplished the feature and won, that would be a $15,000 payday.

Forty-eight Modifieds signed in and ran five heat races with the top 12 in passing points transferring to the feature. Three B-mains would transfer four cars each to fill out the 24-car starting field for the 35-lap feature.

At intermission the top eight drivers in passing points were in front of the crowd for the redraw. Brad Waits was first up and immediately accepted the Tralo Challenge and would start 11th. Rodney Sanders declined the offer, but Jason Krohn who drew third took the challenge to start 12th. Zack Vandebeek got the pole with Nate Wasmund on the outside.

Vanderbeek took the early lead and quickly opened up a lead. Wasmund ran second and sixth starter Rodney Sanders quickly shot to third. Jake Timm who started 10th slipped past his father Bob shortly before a lap five caution slowed the race. Another caution on the start kept things tight.

Sanders then challenged Wasmund for second when the green flag flew. Sanders got there and Jake Timm also snaked past Wasmund for third. The driver on a mission was Stormy Scott who started 15th and cracked the top five on lap seven.

Vanderbeek opened up the lead once again while Scott continued to drive towards the front. Scott was fourth on lap eight and Jason Krohn also made progress and was just outside the top five. A yellow on lap nine erased Vanderbeek’s huge advantage.

The race resumed and Vanderbeek again took off. Wasmund got by Scott for fourth but that was short lived when Scott returned the favor. Jake Timm was on the move and slipped past Sanders for second on lap 13. Scott was now on Sanders for third and pulled off the pass on the sixteenth circuit.

Vanderbeek was still comfortable out front at this point while the race for second heated up. Scott caught Timm and took second on lap 20 and Krohn entered the top five.

Vanderbeek had a straightaway lead when Scott moved to second. But Scott would shave two tenths of a second off the lead just about each lap. Scott closed in but Vanderbeek got away just a bit in lapped traffic.

With a couple of laps left Scott gained four tenths and was on Vanderbeek once again. Things got interesting in the final couple of laps when Scott made a last ditch run for the lead.

Vanderbeek held him off for the win in the debut of his brand new race car. Vanderbeek became only the third driver to win more than one Gopher 50 title. The champion also took home the unique wood carved gopher trophy and Husqvarna leaf blower from Miner’s Outdoor & Rec.

Scott came home second with Timm third. Sanders ended up in fourth and Krohn was fifth.

For additional news visit www.deercreekspeedway.com