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Terrance Rules Brockville Fall Nationals October 17, 2015

Terrance Rules Brockville Fall Nationals

BROCKVILLE, ON – October 17, 2015 – Carey Terrance celebrated his 35th birthday by wheeling the St. Lawrence Radiology/ Traditional Lacrosse No. 66x to victory in the Super DIRTcar Series Fall Nationals at Brockville Ontario Speedway Saturday.

Terrance started third on the grid and was running fourth behind Danny Johnson, Gary Tomkins and Jordan McCreadie at the halfway mark after many laps of close-quarter racing.

Johnson snatched the lead from Jordan McCreadie on a lap-37 restart and brought Gary Tomkins along with him while Terrance diced with Billy Decker for the fourth spot.

By lap 37, Matt Sheppard, who was forced to jump into his back-up car after a nasty four-time flip off the top of turn three in his heat race and start 29th, had raced his way into ninth.

Terrance passed Tomkins for the lead while running on the high side on lap 72. The pair raced a few feet apart for several laps with Johnson, fast-rising Matt Sheppard and Chris Raabe in close pursuit.

“I was trying to get around some holes out there and I went all the way up to the top and found a line that worked great,” Terrance said. “The car was tight early, but it got rolling later.”

“The track was very racy,” Tomkins said. “You could pass in different places. I ran the softest tire and the thing took right off. It was a rocket ship.”

On the seventh and final restart with eight laps to go, Terrance drew away from his pursuers and won handily while Raabe mounted a late charge to finish third behind Tomkins after jousting with Johnson (4th). Sheppard rose to fifth while his closest rivals for the point lead – Brett Hearn and Billy Decker – finished 16th and eighth respectively.

The red flag was thrown twice in feature for rollovers by Ryan Arbuthnot and Billy Dunn.

Positions six and seven went to Jimmy Phelps and Mario Clair.

For more news visit www.superdirtcarseries.com

Photo courtesy of www.rickattheraces.net

Logan Martin Races To Victory at 2nd Annual USRA National Championships October 17, 2015

Logan Martin Races To Victory at 2nd Annual USRA National Championships

In the 25-lap USRA B-Mod finale, Logan Martin of West Plains, Mo., padded his bank account to the tune of $4,000 with an impressive rim-riding effort to the checkered flag.

Martin was able to take his machine into the corners deeper than anybody else, and hence was able to navigate the treacherous high side to overtake early leader Andy Bryant of Fort Scott, Kan., after the ninth lap and then hold off Brad Smith of Belton, Mo., to the finish.

Last year’s USRA B-Mod national champion, Chad Clancy of Liberty, Mo., finished third while Bryant added a fourth-place finish to go along with his win on Friday night and virtually seal the deal on his quest for the 2015 USRA B-Mod national title.

Doug Keller of Easton, Mo., came from the 12th starting spot to finish fifth. Jacob Ebert, Dakota Foster, Mike Higley, Kris Jackson and Shadren Turner rounded out the top ten.

Foster earned the Allstar Performance Hard Charger Award after starting 21st on the 31-car grid, and also laid claim to the 2015 Holley Iron Man Series championship.

For more news visit www.usraracing.com

Photo courtesy of www.usraracing.com

Weekly Winners 7/21/15 - 7/27/15 July 27, 2015

Weekly Winners 7/21/15 - 7/27/15

Congratulations to:

Rodney Sanders – Deer Creek Speedway

Dona Marcoullier – Merritt Speedway (pictured above)

Jeep Van Wormer – Eldora Speedway

Dane Dacus – Camden Speedway

Terry Phillips – Deer Creek Speedway

Hunter Rasdon – Greenville Speedway

Jason Croft – Dixie Speedway

Clint Smith – Senoia Raceway

Steve Campbell – Selinsgrove Speedway

Robert Bublak – Albany Saratoga Speedway

Jimmy Phelps – Brewerton Speedway

Danny Johnson – Ransomville Speedway

Matt Sheppard – Utica-Rome Speedway

Kenny Tremont – Lebanon Valley Speedway

Carey Terrance – Cornwall Motor Speedway

Rex King – Sharon Speedway 

Rex King Jr. – Lernerville Speedway

Randy Hannagan – Limaland Motorsports Park & Waynesfield Raceway

Willy Decker – Glen Ridge Motorsports Park

Weekly Winners 7/14/15 - 7/20/15 July 20, 2015

Weekly Winners 7/14/15 - 7/20/15

Congratulations to:

Jon Mitchell – I-30 Speedway

Darrell Lanigan – Deer Creek Speedway 

Howard Willis – Golden Triangle Raceway Park & Battleground Speedway (pictured below, Ron Skinner Photo)

Austin Theiss – Cotton Bowl Speedway (pictured above)

Dale Hollidge – Potomac Speedway

Randy Hannagan – Eldora Speedway

Bub McCool – Magnolia Motor Speedway

Michael Kloos – Tri-City Speedway

Rich Neiser – Winston Speedway

Jason Cliburn – Magnolia Motor Speedway

William Thomas III – Sharon Speedway

Ralph Morgan – Hesston Speedway 

Jared Miley – Lernerville Speedway, Pittsburgh’s PA Motor Speedway & Dog Hollow Speedway

Coleby Frye – Bedford Speedway

Cory Hedgecock – I-75 Raceway

Mike Marlar – Richmond Raceway

Sean Pangman – Glen Ridge Motorsports Park 

Adam McAuliffe – Fonda Speedway

Justin Haers – Canandiagua Motorsports Park

Billy Decker – Fulton Speedway

Danny O’Brien – Brockville Ontario Speedway

Beau Wilkins – Delaware Int’l. Raceway

Billy Dunn – Merrittville Speedway

Pat Ward – Utica-Rome Speedway 

Kelly Shryock – I-35 Speedway

Cory Probst – Redwood Speedway, Arlington Raceway & Nobles County Speedway

Lucas Schott – Mississippi Thunder Speedway

Donovan Smith – Boone Speedway

Brandon Beckendorf – Jackson Speedway & Fairmont Raceway

Clint Hatlestad – Arlington Raceway

Logan Martin – Lucas Oil Speedway

Mark Elliott – Hamilton County Speedway

Shane Swanson – Hancock County Speedway

Cody Nielsen – Hancock County Speedway

Logan Scott – Sioux Speedway

David Smith – Clay County Fair Speedway

Jacob Gregoire – Madison Speedway

Corey Madden – Crawford County Speedway

Steffan Carey – Fairgrounds Speedway

Todd Shute – Iowa State Fair Speedway

Paul Nagle – Iowa State Fair Speedway

Shannon Anderson – Shelby County Speedway

Rodney Sanders – I-80 Speedway

Pete Bicknell – Ransomville Speedway

Jonathan Taylor – Hesston Speedway

Kent Arment – Miller Central Speedway

Weekly Winners 7/7/15 - 7/13/15 July 13, 2015

Weekly Winners 7/7/15 - 7/13/15

Congratulations to:


Ricky Thornton Jr. – Williston Basin Speedway (Dakota Mod Tour Champion)

Tim McCreadie – River Cities Speedway

Kyle Follweiler – Big Diamond Speedway

Austin Smith – Tri-County Racetrack

Shane Clanton – Hibbing Raceway

Cory Hedgecock – Smoky Mountain Speedway

Rich Neiser – Cherry Raceway

Jason Croft – Dixie Speedway

Joe Armistead Jr. – Senoia Raceway

Clint Smith – Senoia Raceway

Michael Kloos – Highland Speedway

Josh Rice – Richmond Raceway

Jason Grimes – Dakotah Speedway (pictured above)

Nick Latham – Atomic Speedway

Ralph Morgan Jr. – Path Valley Speedway

Jason Cliburn – Whynot Motorsports Park

Matt Sheppard – Canandaigua Motorsports Park & Utica-Rome Speedway

Jimmy Phelps – Fulton Speedway

Alan Fink – Utica-Rome Speedway

Shane Hiatt – Eagle Raceway

Jacob Gregoire – Madison Speedway

Steve Wetzstein – Deer Creed Speedway

Shannon Anderson – Stuart Speedway

Mark Elliott – Frontier Speedway

Jason Minnehan – Frontier Speedway

Dustin Smith – Clay County Fair Speedway

Logan Scott – Crawford County Speedway

Corey Madden – Crawford County Speedway

Nick Meyer – Kossuth County Speedway

Cody Neilsen – Buena Vista Raceway

Brandon Beckendorf – Redwood Speedway & Jackson Speedway

Kelly Shryock – I-35 Speedway

Clint Hatlestad – Arlington Raceway

Ben Nading – Hamilton County Speedway

Cory Probst – Arlington Raceway

Shane Swanson – Hancock County Speedway

Jake Masters – Fairmont Raceway

Logan Martin – Lucas Oil Speedway

Michael Batten - County Line Raceway

Jason Trammell - Volunteer Speedway

Weekly Winners 6/30/15 - 7/6/15 July 6, 2015

Weekly Winners 6/30/15 - 7/6/15

Congratulations to:

Brandon Sheppard – Portsmouth Raceway Park & Lincoln Speedway

Jon Mitchell – Timberline Speedway

Kyle Bronson – Volusia Speedway Park

Shannon Babb – Tri-State Speedway

Shane Clanton – Senoia Raceway

Gregg Satterlee – Hagerstown Speedway

Chris Ferguson – Golden Isles Speedway

Nick Latham – Lawrenceburg Speedway

Dona Marcoullier – Tri-City Motor Speedway

Rich Neiser – Winston Speedway

Alex Ferree – Pittsburgh’s PA Motor Speedway

Ray Moore – Ark-La-Tex Speedway

Cody Hardesty – Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex

Carey Terrance – Cornwall Motor Speedway (pictured above Lauwer Photo)

Tim Fuller – Mohawk International Raceway

Shane Pecore – Mohawk International Raceway

Tim McCreadie – Rolling Wheels Raceway

Billy Decker – Ransomville Speedway

Tim Kerr – Brewerton Speedway

Matt Sheppard – Canandaigua Motorsports Park

Pete Bicknell – Merrittville Speedway

Todd Shute – Iowa State Fair Speedway 

Mark Elliott – Hamilton County Speedway

Logan Scott – Crawford County Speedway

Nick Deal – Shelby County Speedway

Corey Madden – Crawford County Speedway

Josh Gilman – Stuart Speedway

Shannon Anderson – Shelby County Speedway & Stuart Speedway

Andrew Borchardt – I-35 Speedway

Clint Hatlestad – Arlington Raceway

Jeff Lyon – Hamilton County Speedway

Cory Probst – Arlington Raceway

David Smith – Buena Vista Raceway & Hancock County Speedway

Josh Ruby – Fairmont Raceway

Jake Masters – Fairmont Raceway

Nick Meyer – Hancock County Speedway & Fairmont Raceway

Brandon Beckendorf – Fairmont Raceway

Dustin Smith – Buena Vista Raceway

Jeff Deal – Frontier Speedway

Shawn Walsh – Legit Speedway