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Weekly Winners 4/28/15 - 5/4/15 May 4, 2015

Weekly Winners 4/28/15 - 5/4/15

Congratulations to:

Chris Ferguson – Friendship Speedway & Fayetteville Motor Speedway

Jeff Alsip – Florence Speedway (pictured above)

Jack Sullivan – Diamond Park Speedway

Shane Pecore - Cornwall Motor Speedway

Jeff Aikey – Quad City Speedway

Jared Hawkins – Tyler County Speedway

Frank Ingram – Dixie Speedway

Mike Blose – Dog Hollow Speedway

Steve Campbell – Selinsgrove Speedway

Andrew Satterlee – Marion Center Speedway

Kyle Bronson – Volusia Speedway Park

Dona Marcoullier – Tri-City Motor Speedway

Rich Neiser – Winston Speedway

Bo Gordon – Greenville Speedway

Alan Fink – Fulton Speedway

Rick Singleton – Hesston Speedway

Josh Holtgraver – Pittsburgh’s PA Motor Speedway

Jared Miley – Lernerville Speedway

Cory Hedgecock – I-75 Raceway

Danny Johnson – Fulton Speedway

Matt Sheppard – Brewerton Speedway

Rex King Jr. – Sharon Speedway

Jeff Rockefeller – Glen Ridge Motorsports Park

Lucas Schott – Mississippi Thunder Speedway & Deer Creek Speedway

Tim Karrick – Central Missouri Speedway

Chase Domer – Humboldt Speedway

Kelly Shryock – I-35 Speedway (400th career win)

Jenae Gustin – Marshalltown Speedway

Joey Galloway – Estevan Motor Speedway

Terry Phillips – Lakeside Speedway

Doug Smith – Buena Vista Raceway & Crawford County Speedway

Travis Prochaska – Hamilton County Speedway

Dustin Smith – Hamilton County Speedway

Shannon Anderson – Shelby County Speedway

Nate Hughes – Hancock County Speedway

Jesse Sobbing – Randolph County Speedway

Kent Arment – Dakota State Fair Speedway

Biscuit Gillespie – Route 66 Motor Speedway

Weekly Winners 4/21/15 - 4/27/15 April 27, 2015

Weekly Winners 4/21/15 - 4/27/15

Congratulations to:

Kyle Bronson - Bubba Raceway Park
Billy Decker - Fulton Speedway
Tim Hindley - Orange County Fair Speedway
Alan Rudalavedge - Woodhull Speedway
Matt Sheppard - Utica-Rome Speedway
AJ Filbeck - Utica-Rome Speedway
Alex Ferree - Lernerville Speedway
Jared Miley - Dog Hollow Speedway
Tait Davenport - Paducah International Raceway
Rex King Sr. - Lernerville Speedway
Todd Shute - Southern Iowa Speedway
Cody Nielsen - Buena Vista Raceway
Nick Deal - Buena Vista Raceway
Jenae Gustin - Benton County Speedway
David Smith - Buena Vista Raceway
Kelly Shryock - I-35 Speedway (pictured above)
Doug Smith - Buena Vista Raceway
Nick Meyer - I-35 Speedway


Weekly Winners 4/14/15 - 4/20/15 April 20, 2015

Weekly Winners 4/14/15 - 4/20/15

Congratulations to:

Brandon Sheppard - Farmer City Raceway

Gregg Satterlee - Hagerstown Speedway

Ray Cook - Volunteer Speedway

Steve Casebolt - Attica Raceway Park

Tait Davenport - Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway

Jason Covert - Potomac Speedway

Hunter Rasdon - I-55 Raceway

Russ King - Lernerville Speedway (pictured below)

Rex King Jr. - Lernerville Speedway (pictured below)

Danny Johnson - Five Mile Point

Matt Sheppard - Utica -Rome Speedway

Dale Hollidge - Winchester Speedway (pictured above)

Kelly Shryock - Farley Speedway

Joey Jensen - Cedar Lake Speedway

Tyler Mecl - Central Arizona Speedway

Doug Smith - Buena Vista Raceway

Lance Town - Lakeside Speedway

Eric Stanton - Marshalltown Speedway

Shannon Anderson - Iowa State Fair Speedway

Todd Shute - Iowa State Fair Speedway

Danny Thrasher - Southern Iowa Speedway

Mike Altobelli Jr. - Bedford Speedway

Bobby Hogge IV - Bakersfield Speedway

Jake Redetzke - Cedar Lake Speedway


Weekly Winners 4/7/15 - 4/13/15 April 13, 2015

Weekly Winners 4/7/15 - 4/13/15

Congratulations to:

Jake Jones - Lincoln Speedway
Danny Johnson - Five Mile Point Speedway
Brandon Sheppard - Farmer City Raceway
Ryan Gustin - Lucas Oil Speedway
Kyle Bronson - East Bay Raceway Park
Clint Smith - Senoia Raceway
Kyle Hardy - Hagerstown Speedway
Ray Cook - Dixie Speeddway
Tait Davenport - Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway
Cory Hedgecock - Smoky Mountain Speedway
Jon Mitchell - Timberline Speedway
Doug Smith - Boone Speedway
Jordan Grabouski - I-80 Speedway (2 wins)
Tim Karrick - Central Missouri Speedway
Logan Martin - Lucas Oil Speedway
Jeff Cutshaw - Lucas Oil Speedway
Josh Gillman - Marshalltown Speedway
Jenae Gustin - Marshalltown Speedway
Johnny Scott - Longdale Speedway
Nick Meyer - I-35 Speedway
David Smith - Hancock County Speedway
Andrew Borchardt - Hancock County Speedway


Late Pass Propels Gustin To Victory at Lucas Oil Speedway April 10, 2015

Late Pass Propels Gustin To Victory at Lucas Oil Speedway

WHEATLAND, MO (April 10th, 2015) - It looked like Friday's opening night of the 2nd Annual Spring Nationals Presented by RacingJunk.com was going to go to Jesse Stovall. He led the majority of the laps in the Lucas Oil MLRA sanctioned feature at Lucas Oil Speedway. Ryan Gustin made a late charge with 11 laps to go, on a restart, to conclude the evening in Andy's Frozen Custard Victory Lane.

"You just had to slow down so much to hit that bottom there," commented Gustin. "I think Jesse missed it just a little bit and got tight. I just hit it right and got a good run down the backstretch and held him off. The restarts worked out in our favor."

Stovall earned the DirtonDirt.com pole award, advancing from seventh, to win his heat. An expired engine cut his trip short last week to Nebraska. He was looking to turn it around this weekend at one of his best tracks. Stovall's sizable lead was cut short late in the feature when Jeremy Payne brought out the races third yellow. Stovall ended the evening second.

"We've just had some terrible luck," said Stovall. "These are a tough group of guys to race with. With Ryan and Billy and all these guys I knew I was going to have to go hard."

Third place finisher Billy Moyer never led Friday, but ran in the runner up spot for a good portion of the race. Moyer was quick to credit Gustin for having a car which allowed him to move off the bottom and advance forward.

Chad Simpson shook off a tough opening weekend in Nebraska with a fourth place run. Jared Landers made his last minute trip pay off finishing fifth.

Early in the night there were five heats contested. Those wins went to; Jesse Stovall, Tony Jackson Jr., Will Vaught, Jack Sullivan and Jeremy Payne.

For more news visit www.lucasoilspeedway.com
Photo courtesy of www.lucasoilspeedway.com


Weekly Winners 3/31/15 - 4/6/15 April 6, 2015

Weekly Winners 3/31/15 - 4/6/15

Congratulations to:

Ryan Gustin - I-80 Speedway
Clint Smith - Senoia Raceway
Ashley Newman - Magnolia Motor Speedway (2 wins)
Kenny Collins - Tri-County Racetrack
Jon Mitchell - Battleground Speedway
Todd Shute - Marshalltown Speedway
Jordan Grabouski - I-80 Speedway (2 wins)
Doug Smith - Marshalltown Speedway
Danny Thrasher - Benton County Speedway
Shane Swanson - Hancock County Speedway
Cory Hedgecock - I-75 Raceway 
Brandon Schilling - Tucson Speedway (pictured below)
Jeremy Gustaf - Quad City Speedway
Nick Latham - Hilltop Speedway
Todd Morrow - Talladega Short Track
Michael Kloos - Highland Speedway