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Weekly Winners 5/3/16 - 5/9/16 May 9, 2016

Weekly Winners 5/3/16 - 5/9/16

Congratulations to:

Brandon Sheppard - Lee County Speedway (pictured above)
Shane Clanton - Ponderosa Speedway 
Jason Croft - Dixie Speedway
Clint Smith - Senoia Raceway
Darrel DeFrance - Hamilton County Speedway
Jared Miley - Marion Center Speedway
A.J. Diemel - Red Cedar Speedway
David Payne - Tri-County Racetrack
Matt Sheppard - Canandaigua Motorpsorts Park 
Billy Dunn - Can-Am Motorsports Park 
Rodney Sanders - Lubbock Speedway 
Jason Deal - Tri-County Racetrack
Chris Zogg - West Liberty Raceway
Ricky Thornton Jr. - Stuart Speedway
Jordan Grabouski - Beatrice Speedway & US 30 Speedway
Levi Nielsen - Frontier Sports Park
Shane Swanson - Hancock County Speedway
Myles Michehl - Frontier Sports Park
Dustin Smith - Kossuth County Speedway
Eric Stanton - Marshalltown Speedway
Clint Hatlestad - Arlington Raceway
Corey Probst - Arlington Raceway
Scott Davis - Iowa State Fair Speedway
Nelson Vollbrecht - US 30 Speedway
Matt Sheppard Gets 3rd Win at Canandaigua May 7, 2016

Matt Sheppard Gets 3rd Win at Canandaigua

CANANDAIGUA, NY – “The track was real fast tonight. I was especially quick in turns three and four”, stated Matt Sheppard after he picked up his third DIRTcar Modified feature of the year in three tries at Canandaigua. This win, number 54 for Sheppard, moves him into fifth on the Canandaigua All-Time feature win list, surpassing Hall of Famer Will Cagle, who has 53 feature wins.


Gil Tegg Jr. was able to grab the lead from his pole starting position in the 35-lap DIRTcar Modified feature. He quickly found himself in a side-by-side duel with Brian Sage., who nosed slightly ahead to lead lap six, before Tegg, Jr. rebounded back into first.

The yellow flew on lap 10 when Justin Haers slid off the track in the fourth turn due to a faulty kill switch. He was able to make repairs and return at the back of the field.

Up front Sage used his inside restarting spot to claim first. But then five laps later he drifted to the inside of the third turn, off the track and out of the race. This allowed Gary Tomkins to inherit the lead. One lap later the yellow flew again. Vic Coffey, who was forced high between turns three and four came to a stop and was tagged in the door panel by Eldon Payne, Jr. just as the yellow flew. Both cars were able to continue.

Up front Tomkins stayed ahead of Mike O’Brien and Steve Paine. But moving through the field, was Sheppard. Sheppard took third on lap 24 and one lap later grabbed second from O’Brien. On lap 28 he caught Tomkins going into the third turn and completed his pass for the lead using the inside grove.

Steve Paine rebounded and moved into second, but was unable to draw closer to Sheppard. At the finish line it was Sheppard followed by Paine. Haers, who seemed on a mission after his kill switch seemed to fail, nosed out Tomkins at the finish line for third. Tim Fuller rounded out the top five finishers.

For more news visit www.dirttrackdigest.com

Photo courtesy of www.dirttrackdigest.com

Sanders Conquers Lubbock Speedway May 6, 2016

Sanders Conquers Lubbock Speedway

LUBBOCK, Texas—Rodney Sanders took control at the waving of the green flag and led all 37 laps Friday night at the Lubbock Speedway to score his fourth United States Modified Touring Series victory of the season and 68th of his USMTS career.

The win was worth $3.000 to the 26-year-old two-time USMTS national champion as he held off another two-time champ, Jason Hughes, who won the only other USMTS event in Lubbock on May 2, 2010.

Jesse Sobbing netted his fifth straight top-five finish with a third-place effort Friday while Dereck Ramirez finished fourth and Cade Dillard wound up fifth to snap his two-race win streak.

Jeremy Gossett was sixth, Philip Houston secured the seventh spot, veteran Dee Gossett earned an eighth-place paycheck and Scott Drake held off his boss/teammate, Joe Duvall, for ninth.

For more news visit www.usmts.com

Photo courtesy of www.usmts.com

Outlaw Shane Clanton Capitalizes at Ponderosa Speedway May 6, 2016

Outlaw Shane Clanton Capitalizes at Ponderosa Speedway

JUNCTION CITY, Ky. – May 6, 2016 – Shane Clanton claimed his third World of Outlaws Craftsman® Late Model Series victory of the season under Friday night’s Ponderosa Speedway lights, winning the 24th-annual “Kentucky Klassic.”

“Well, just catching those lapped cars, I was able to get in better position in the corners,” Clanton said. “I knew if I got up against that berm, I could go down the straight-away and it would be difficult for someone to pass me.”

On the first lap, Clanton used the outside groove to wheel his No. 25 Weldbank Energy/Coopers Meat Packers Capital machine into the No. 1 spot. He thereon led the remainder of the race. This is the defending points champion’s first win since Feb. 20 at DIRTcar Nationals in Barbersville, Fla.

“I think our car had a good balance as choppy as the track was,” said Clanton, who first dealt with lapped cars on Lap 9. “If you got a good balance, you don’t upset your car when you go over the holes. Our car is so balanced right now it could go wherever you want it to go.”

Although Clanton led the field for the majority of the race, second-place finisher Chris Madden made a late push in his No. 44 Crowder Trucking/ Gentry Plastics Longhorn car with 15 laps to go – revisiting two out-of-series barn-burners the drivers had on April 23 at Senoia Raceway and Rome Speedway on April 24.

Madden, a regional favorite, challenged the Outlaws – specifically Clanton. But, it may have been the luck of the draw that diminished Madden’s chances of catching Clanton in the end.

“We just drew a bad number tonight,” said Madden, who drew a number six for the feature event. “We had a great racecar, but we just needed to start toward the front.

“Right toward the end we got into lap traffic when we went to make that late-charge. I won two in a row that night in Senoia and went to Rome Speedway and beat him again. I’m still up on him.”

Madden beat Clanton at Senoia by a .013 margin, but he was only able to close the gap to four-one-hundredths of a second at Ponderosa. Clanton with five laps remaining doubled the margin, slamming the door on both Madden’s late-pursuit and the possibility of a non-Outlaw winning a feature for a third-straight weekend.

In an uncanny resemblance, Clanton was doomed by lapped traffic in both prior battles with Madden; this time however, Clanton was able to weave through the field where Madden could not. It took slicing through a three-wide group of lapped cars to widen the gap.

“Madden was closing in on me, but in the middle of lapped cars I did all that I can do,” Clanton said. “I just knew I had to meet my marks and get passed those lapped cars as best as I could and let him play havoc trying to get by them. To outrun him and the field feels pretty good.

“Lapped cars cost me my race two weeks ago at Senoia with Madden, and I didn’t want to do it tonight. Luckily, we prevailed.”

Rounding out the podium was the No. 22 Satterlee Petroleum Distributors/ Keyser Manufacturing Rocket car of Gregg Satterlee. He started the race in the lead position. Satterlee kept to the bottom groove of the track, but said it was the harder tires that caused him to fade quicker than Clanton and Madden.

“I guess we were a little harder on our tires than they were,” Satterlee said. “I think they had a softer right-rear tire, and I think that allowed them to get going a little quicker. We went 30 laps and I knew we were right with these guys, and in those last nine laps, it kind of got away.”

For additional news visit www.woolms.com

Weekly Winners 4/26/16 - 5/2/16 May 2, 2016

Weekly Winners 4/26/16 - 5/2/16

Congratulations to:

Josh Richards - Carolina Speedway 
Billy Decker - Fulton Speedway
Jason Hiett - Talladega Short Track 
A.J. Diemel - Cedar Lake Speedway
Austin Smith - Tri-County Racetrack
Dona Marcoullier - Tri City Motor Speedway
John Cordovani - Canandaigua Motorsports Park
Erik Korman - Bridgeport Speedway
Brad Roberts - Bridgeport Speedway
Andy Bryant - Lucas Oil Speedway (pictured above)
Kevin Smith - Skagit Speedway
Kent Arment - Casino Speedway
Billy Decker Wins Highbank Holdup at Fulton Speedway April 30, 2016

Billy Decker Wins Highbank Holdup at Fulton Speedway

By Mike Mallett

FULTON, N.Y. - April 30, 2016 - It didn't take long for the new combination of Billy Decker and car owner Mike Payne to find their way to victory lane on the Super DIRTcar Series trail. The duo joined forces over the winter and their first series event together was Saturday's Highbank Holdup at the Fulton Speedway. Just like he's done so many times in the past, Decker worked the bottom of the speedway methodically to first get the lead and then to brush off attacks from Tim Fuller in the final laps to secure the win in the 100-lap event.

"I'd be lying if I didn't tell you I really wanted to win this race," said an excited Decker afterwards. "I had to cut my old buddy Fuller off there on the backstretch to get it done. My car didn't fire too good on the restarts. I have to thank Mike Payne Racing. This is awesome. It is our third race together and there are good things to come. I'm tickled to be here. This was a lot of fun."

Fuller was joined by joined by Tom Sears Jr. on the front row for the start of the race. Fuller went to the bottom of the first corner to wrangle the lead away from Sears. Fuller paced the 31 car starting field for the opening circuits with Larry Wight was marching his way from the sixth starting spot into second to become a contender before lap 10.

It didn't take long for Fuller to find himself in traffic as he caught the back of the pack on lap 13. He got bottled up on the bottom of the speedway and Wight went the top of the track off the exit of turn four to snatch the lead away on the same lap. They remained glued together several laps.

Wight showed the way as Fuller road in second looking for a faster line in traffic. He found it on lap 28 as he moved off the bottom of the speedway to the top groove. Wight had moved down in an effort to get through traffic opening the lane for Fuller. Fuller and Wight ran side-by-side until lap 36 when Wight made a mistake on the cushion in turns one and two allowing Fuller to drive back into the lead.

As Fuller was regaining his position at the front Decker had advanced into the top five after redrawing seventh. Fuller had good speed on the top but Decker was even quicker on the bottom as he picked off car after car. By the time the first caution was displayed on lap 44 for Sears Jr. Decker had moved into third behind Fuller and Wight.

The action resumed again on lap 50 with Fuller going right back to his line on the top and Wight charging hard to get by. All the while Decker stayed patient on the extreme low lane of the racetrack. Decker was able to get by Wight and he was gaining on Fuller when the yellow was needed again on lap 61. This time for a spinning Mike Mahaney.

After the field was realigned Fuller remained in his groove on the top and Decker stayed low. Neither driver was willing to give up on their preferred lane on the racing surface. Fuller was running that lane when he caught slower traffic yet again on lap 79. This was the break that Decker needed.

Fuller's lead was negated quickly as he struggled to find a way through traffic. Decker pulled alongside and the pair raced together in traffic for several laps before Decker edged his way to the lead on lap 83. Fuller didn't lose much ground initially as he stayed within striking distance of Decker. Eventually he lost the runner-up spot in traffic as well to Jimmy Phelps.

"I didn't think I was ever going to get there," stated Decker. "It took a little rubber down there in turns three and four and Tim was going across. I wanted him to keep doing that because I knew I'd be there in a minute. When he got to traffic and he couldn't use the whole racetrack that's what let me get to him."

One final caution was necessary on the 95th circuit, this time for Eldon Payne who had gone around in turn two. The single-file restart lined up with Decker in front of Phelps and Fuller. At the green both Decker and Phelps dove low going into turns one and two while Fuller put his No. 19 right back on the outside. He got by Phelps and stayed with Decker. He worked him over for the final few laps.

"I knew he (Fuller) fired really good on that last restart because he flashed up next to me," commented Decker. "I sucked up all the backstretch. I feel lucky that I was able to get here."

At the checkered it was all Decker taking the win with Fuller coming home a close second. Fuller went after it in the final laps but some rubber that had been laid down on the bottom of the race track in turns three and four allowed Decker to stay in front for the win.

For additional news visit www.superdirtcarseries.com