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Richards Captures Win No. 7 at Weedsport June 21, 2016

Richards Captures Win No. 7 at Weedsport

WEEDSPORT, N.Y. - June 21, 2016 – Josh Richards played tag from the front row Tuesday night at Weedsport Speedway (N.Y.), leaving only five cars on the lead lap of the Finger Lakes 40 in his seventh win of the season.

“I can’t thank my guys enough,” Richards said. “They worked their butts off, and I’m just glad I can put [the car] up front for them.”

Richards, who led the 24-car field into the green flag with his No. 1 Valvoline/ Seubert Calf Ranches Rocket car, held the lead for all 40 laps. Richards won his heat earlier in the night by more than a three-and-a-half second margin, but that gap was unparalleled to how much he pulled away from the pack in the feature.

Richards maintained a similar differential through the first half of the race. The true fight was from spots four through six. Shane Clanton, Rick Eckert and Brandon Overton jockeyed for position within the first 10 laps of the feature, nearly spreading three-wide across the 3/8-mile oval. Overton relied on the top groove early, but soon forfeited the high-side of the track to Clanton, who broke into the top 5 by lap 7.

While Overton continued to fade, Clanton and Eckert chased-down third place Steve Casebolt by lap 21. The trio bunched up, weaving as a unit through lapped traffic. It took a bold move on lap 17 from Clanton’s No. 25 Weldbank Energy/ Coopers Meat Packers Capital machine however to take third. With Clanton’s fender nearly grazing the wall with every lap, he set his sights on second-place Frank Heckenast Jr.

“We were just trying to bide our time and pick our line, and we needed to get by those guys,” Clanton said. “I knew I was better than them biding my time. I knew that Josh [Richards] was long-gone…we needed a caution there at the end to see if I had anything for him. But overall: good night.”

Though Clanton bided his time thereafter, he made his move 11  laps later on Heckenast’s No. 99JR St. Louis U-Pic-A-Part/ Storage Squares Capital car; Heckenast signed with Clanton’s chassis company one month prior. Using the top groove, Clanton built enough momentum to take sole possession of second. Heckenast managed to hold on to the final spot on the podium.

“We’ve had some good runs but just with bad luck,” Heckenast said. “I’m just trying to get the ball rolling, get some confidence back, make good runs, build the bank up and get confidence for my crew guys. We were definitely a third place car. Shane [Clanton] was better than us. But, this place is awesome. I wish we could race at facilities like this every week.”

While the battles ensued, Richards increased his lead exponentially – especially within the final 25 laps of the race. Richards led by more than four seconds with 23 laps remaining, and then increased his lead to more than five seconds four laps later. At that trajectory, Richards’ largest lead was with four laps remaining at 11.116 seconds; he ultimately won by 10.363 seconds over Clanton.

Richards lapped into to top ten with 11 laps remaining. Four laps later, he passed three more drivers. His pursuit to lap the rest of the field fell just short out of the top 5.

“I really didn’t realize [how many drivers I lapped] until at the end when I saw Rick [Eckert] and [Brandon] Overton and glanced up at the board,” Richards said. “I didn’t feel like we were that good but the track was beautiful. That was the most fun track I’ve run on in a long time. They do a phenomenal job here. This is a beautiful place. I remember coming here ten years ago as a rookie and it’s really cool to come back here.”

For more news visit www.woolms.com

Weekly Winners 6/14/16 - 6/20/16 June 20, 2016

Weekly Winners 6/14/16 - 6/20/16

Congratulations to:

Tim Fuller – Canandaigua Motorsports Park

Brandon Beckendorf - Jackson Motorsplex

Myles Michehl - Hamilton County Speedway

Kelly Shryock - Kossuth County Speedway

David Smith - Hancock County Speedway

Jared Miley – Dog Hollow Speedway

Tim Sears Jr. – Brewerton Speedway

Scott Davis - Boone Speedway 

Dale Hollidge – Winchester Speedway

Kris Zuhlsdorf - Arlington Raceway

Clint Smith – Senoia Raceway

Jason Minnehan - Hamilton County Speedway

Ralph Morgan Jr. – Hesston Speedway & Path Valley Speedway

Jeff Deal - Kossuth County Speedway

Michael Kloos – Tri-City Speedway

Mike Laughard – Dog Hollow Speedway

Clint Hatlestad - Arlington Raceway

Pat Doar – Amsoil Speedway

Corey Madden - Crawford County Speedway

Jordan Grabouski - Thunderhill Speedway & Beatrice Speedway

Greg Pessalano – Glen Ridge Motorsports Park

Todd Boulware - Park Jefferson Speedway

Billy Dunn – Mohawk Int’l. Raceway & Can-Am Motorsports Park

Brianna Ladouceur – Mohawk Int’l. Raceway

Aaron Shearn - Park Jefferson Speedway

Alan Rudalavedge – Penn Can Speedway

Ross McCartney - Longdale Speedway

Cory Probst - Arlington Raceway

Doug Smith - Crawford County Speedway

Russ King – Mercer Raceway Park (pictured)

Rich Neiser – Thunderbird Raceway

Derek Green - Kossuth County Speedway

Jeff Strunk – Grandview Speedway

Donovan Smith - Marshalltown Speedway & Boone Speedway

Jeff Strunk Wins at Grandview June 19, 2016

Jeff Strunk Wins at Grandview

BECHTELSVILLE, PA. June 19, 2016 - Jeff Strunk, a ten-time Modified point champion, who reunited with former owner Glenn Hyneman and the No. 126 team, finished second two weeks in a row and he decided it was time to change the status. After a seven lap battle with Mike Kellner he finally got even enough and was able to move underneath Kellner off four with five laps to go and made the move stick as he was now first. Strunk continued the momentum and went on to score his first win of the season in the T.P. Trailers NASCAR 358 Modified All-American Racing Series 30-Lap

Mike Kellner put the Power Washers No. 57 into the lead at the onset of the Modified with pressure from Eric Biehn, Steve Swinehart, John Willman and Ray Swinehart.

It didn’t take long for the Lansdale leadfoot to increase the distance between himself and now Steve and Ray Swinehart, Biehn and Willman.

The first caution was when Ryan Grim spun along the homestretch on the 17th lap when last week’s feature winner Brett Kressley was clipped, did a 360 and continued, but later pulled in before action resumed. The restart was void since Frank Cozze failed to get away. Kellner continued his pace when action resumed, but by this time Strunk was second giving him a run for the top spot. Kellner held his outside line while Strunk tried feverishly to get underneath and advance.

Kellner held off Strunk’s moves until coming off four on lap 25. The bid held and Strunk was now ahead.

Strunk never surrendered first and pulled into the winner’s circle for the first time this year with Kellner a disappointing second trailed by R. Swinehart, Craig Von Dohren, Kyle Weiss, Duane Howard, S. Swinehart, Tim Buckwalter, Danny Erb and Jared Umbenhauer.

Heat winners were Strunk, Howard and R. Swinehart. Kressley won the consi.

For more news visit www.grandviewspeedway.com

Photo courtesy of www.grandviewspeedway.com

Tim Fuller Checks Out For Canandaigua Victory June 18, 2016

Tim Fuller Checks Out For Canandaigua Victory

CANANDAIGUA, NY – ”We’ve finished second and third a lot this year. It feels good to win one,” stated Tim Fuller in victory lane last Saturday at Canandaigua Motorsports Park. “Sheppard always seems to have the edge here so winning is tough. We just keep plugging away.”

The 35-lap DIRTcar Modified feature saw Gil Tegg Jr. jump into the lead at the drop of the green. Mike Mahaney moved into second on lap three and began to challenge Tegg Jr. for the lead. Mahaney’s opportunity came on lap seven. Using the low side of the track, Mahaney charged up next to Tegg but could not complete the pass. Two laps later he tried the outside, but flying through the pack was Tim Fuller who moved to the middle making for a three wide charge for the lead. Fuller was able to take first and begin to draw away from the rest of the pack.

By lap 20 Fuller had pulled away to a full 3.45 second lead over Alan Johnson in lapped traffic. On lap 22, Sheppard drove hard to pass Mahaney for third. But even his charge would fall short as Fuller took the win followed by Johnson, Sheppard, Mahaney and Mat Williamson rounding out the top five finishers. The green-to-checkers finish saw the race average speed at 88.993 mph around the fast half mile oval.

For more news visit www.canandaiguamotorsportspark.com


Weekly Winners 6/7/16 - 6/13/16 June 13, 2016

Weekly Winners 6/7/16 - 6/13/16

Congratulations to:

Brandon Sheppard – Eldora Speedway

Dona Marcoullier – Merritt Speedway

Jacob Gregoire - Fiesta City Speedway & Madison Speedway

Tyson Franks – Batesville Motor Speedway

Matt Sheppard – Outlaw Speedway, Utica-Rome Speedway, & Canandaigua Motorsports Park

R.J. Conley – Portsmouth Raceway Park

Jeff Deal - Kossuth County Speedway

Todd Boulware - Park Jefferson Speedway

Kent Arment - Brown County Speedway, Miller Central Speedeay & Dakota State Fair Speedway (pictured, CRP Photos)

Jack Sullivan – Crowley’s Ridge Raceway

Doug Smith - Buena Vista Raceway & Hamilton County Speedway

A.J. Diemel – Cedar Lake Speedway

Cody Nielsen - Hancock County Speedway

Mike Bills – Woodhull Raceway

Clint Hatlestad - Arlington Raceway

Dale Thurman – Dixie Speedway

Pat Graham - Mason City Motor Speedway

Corey Madden - Shelby County Speedway

Kenny Pettyjohn – Selinsgrove Speedway

Ben Nading - Hamilton County Speedway

Daniel Smith - Clay County Fair Speedway

Kris Zuhlsdorf - Redwood Speedway

Darrell DeFrance - Marshalltown Speedway

Ryan Gustin - Longdale Speedway

Jeff Rockefeller – Glen Ridge Motorsports Park

Jordan Grabouski - Beatrice Speedway, Thunderhill Speedway & Heartland Park

Russell Erwin – County Line Raceway

Jesse Hoeft - Clay County Fair Speedway

Kelly Shryock - Jackson Motorplex

Jack Miller – Utica-Rome Speedway

Jake Masters - Kossuth County Speedway

Jared Miley – Hesston Speedway

Danny Johnson – Five Mile Point Speedway

Chad Lebsock - Callaway Raceway

Alex Ferree – Lernerville Speedway & Pittsburgh’s PA Motor Speedway

Eric Stanton - Marshalltown Speedway

Donovan Smith - Boone Speedway

David Smith - Buena Vista Raceway & Clay County Fair Speedway

Clint Smith – Senoia Raceway

Corey Probst - Nobles County Speedway, Arlington Raceway & Redwood Speedway

Brett Kressley – Grandview Speedway

Brandon Sheppard Sweeps Preliminary Shows at Eldora June 10, 2016

Brandon Sheppard Sweeps Preliminary Shows at Eldora

ROSSBURG, Ohio – June 10, 2016 – “Two” seemed to be the lucky number Friday night at the 22nd Annual Dirt Late Model Dream at Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio, as Brandon Sheppard and Jared Landers became the duo to win the double-feature program in front of a packed crowd.

The Big E’s 24-degree banking is where most of the battles were held during the first feature. The victory was not only Sheppard’s fourth of the year, but also a follow-up to Thursday night’s win. Sheppard is the most recent driver to sweep both preliminary nights of an event weekend at the track since Jonathan Davenport did it in 2015.

Sheppard ran a similar race as the night before. His No. B5 Best Performance Motorsports Rocket machine started on the outside of first place, and he eventually shut the door on the rest of the 24-car field within the first five laps. Sheppard cleared his car for the lead at turn four on lap four.

“We got lucky starting in the front row both nights, but we had a strong car tonight,” Sheppard said. “This is a new car for this track for us. We tried a bunch of different stuff and last night we found a setup that worked. We stuck with that.”

Chris Brown, who started the race in first, began to fall from the podium when the No. 28 McBride Mac/ V.O. Mack Truck Sales Black Diamond car of Dennis Erb Jr. undertook Brown on lap six. Erb thereon challenged Sheppard for the lead, sticking to the bottom of the track; Sheppard relied on sheer momentum on the outside. This battle went on for the remainder of the race, and despite the two cautions in the stretch, Erb could only close the gap to 0.065 seconds.

“I think we just out-tired the rest of the field,” Sheppard said. “I think having the right tires was the reason I could enter above the holes and stay up around the wall. I think that’s where we could keep our momentum.”

Bobby Pierce rounded-out the podium with a thrilling pass on Billy Moyer with 12 laps remaining. Pierce glided under Moyer through turn four in his No. 32 Allgayer Inc./ Champion Spark Plugs Bob Pierce machine, forcing Moyer to forfeit the spot. Moyer did not have the speed to fend-off Pierce’s push.

For more news visit www.dirtcar.com