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Richards Reels In Win No. 10 at Ogilvie Raceway July 13, 2016

Richards Reels In Win No. 10 at Ogilvie Raceway

OGILVIE, Minn. – July 13, 2016 – Josh Richards held his pointer finger high in the sky Wednesday night, repeating his victory lane celebration in the World of Outlaws Craftsman® Late Model Series for the 10th time this season at Ogilvie Raceway. It was his 68th career series win.

“It was tough, I’ll tell you,” Richards said. “I want to thank the track guys. It’s a beautiful facility and I wasn’t expecting it to be this nice. It’s a great place to come. I didn’t think we’d have 10 [wins] this year and this early.”

Richards, who led the field into the green flag for 50 laps, never lost his top spot. Within the first 10 laps, Richards widened the gap between him and the field with his No. 1 Valvoline/ Seubert Calf Ranches Rocket car; the other two cars in the podium positions began to separate themselves as well.

On lap nine, Richards caught-up to the back of the pack only for the race’s first caution to follow on the next lap.  On the restart, Rookie of the Year contender Tyler Erb took the highest line on the 3/8-mile oval, passing Eric Wells. Wells prevents a slippery slope, slamming the door on a charging Steve Casebolt. By lap 15, Richards extended his lead to 3.66 seconds.

While Richards maintained his lead spot, the rest of the top five shuffled. But, there was one driver in the top ten ready to make his move following  the races second caution on lap 13. Defending Series Champion Shane Clanton, who started ninth, made his move on the restart, carrying more momentum than most of the cars in front of him. Clanton's No. 25 Weldbank Energy/ Coopers Meat Packers Capital car settled into the second spot, just 1.806 seconds behind the leader.

For Richards and Clanton – a frequently revisited battle in 2016 –it was a matter of follow the leader for this particular A-Main. Richards, with a 1.826 second lead, got caught-up in a group of four lapped cars. This sequence brought his lead down to 1.692 seconds; Clanton enjoyed an empty straightaway to close the gap. However, Clanton fell into the same hole. Richards rebuilt his lead to 4.253 seconds with 14 to laps remaining.

With 11 laps to go Richards continued to hammer-down on the throttle, creating a 6.18-second gap between him and Clanton. Five lapped cars separated Richards from Clanton. On lap 44, Richards enjoyed a 7.965-second lead – until a caution the next lap regrouped the field.

“I knew Shane was really good, and I knew he started back and he made me worry a little bit,” Richards said. “My guys were telling me to go all over the place, so I just tried to get back into a rhythm. It had grip in places but it was hard to get a consistent feel. That last restart I thought he’d get a pretty good shot at it. I just tried to stay smooth the best I could.”

Though this caution gave Clanton a fighting chance, Richards’ strong restart prevented any attempts at a lead change.

“Overall, we had a pretty good night,” Clanton said. “Well, [the No. 1 team] got their program turned around from last year. They’re way more consistent than we are with wins. We’ve run top five and second to him, but hopefully we can turn it around tomorrow night – we win and he gets second.”

Richards and Clanton finished one-two respectively. As for the final podium spot, Casebolt muscled his No. c9 Lias Tire/ Sudz Car Wash Rocket car past Wells for third place. This was Casebolt’s fourth top five finish of the season.

“It’s been awhile,” said Casebolt, grinning. “I guess we’re not totally washed-up. Eric and I swapped spots a couple times, and he’s really improved a ton. I asked him at the draw what he’s doing different with his life that I need to take advantage of for myself. He wouldn’t tell me. It’s special to get a podium. We just need to win.”

For additional news visit www.woolms.com

Matt Sheppard Wins at Five Mile Point Speedway July 12, 2016

Matt Sheppard Wins at Five Mile Point Speedway


KIRKWOOD, NY – Five different drivers captured the lead in the hard fought 66-lap main event at Five Mile Point Speedway, but it was the birthday boy Matt Sheppard who made a late race charge from his eighth starting position to secure his third Super DIRTcar Series victory of the season.

“I think we had a better car tonight than last week. This thing was just rolling tonight,” said Sheppard, the current points leader and defending champion.

Billy Decker and Larry Wight helped kick off the feature as they jumped ahead of the field and battled for an early lead.

Wight caught lapped traffic on lap 25 as Decker and Frank Cozze closed in.

It wasn’t just Decker and Cozze who were knocking on Wight’s doors as they caught lapped traffic. There were five drivers: Wight, Decker, Cozze, Friesen, and Sheppard who were all battling for the top spot on lap 32.

At halfway, the scoreboard saw Wight, Decker, Friesen, Cozze, and Sheppard as the top five.

Decker rolled the outside on the restart and took the lead back from Wight on lap 35 but was soon to be taken away by Frank Cozze who squeezed in below Decker coming out of turn two on lap 47.

Eighth-starter Sheppard took a chance and battled forward as he took the high side and chased down Cozze for the lead.

The final caution flag of the night fell with six laps remaining. On the restart, Sheppard powered forward and with a clear track ahead, pulled away from Cozze. Sheppard drove the No. 9s FX Caprara to victory lane.

“We didn’t like seeing those cautions. I felt we were better on longer runs. I just can’t say enough about this thing it was a lot of fun to drive tonight,” said Sheppard.

As the race went on, tires started to become a concern during the feature as several cars pitted due to flat tires. “Anytime you see drivers going in with flat tires you get pretty concerned. I felt like I was rolling around pretty stick straight. I was just hoping we had enough and thankfully we did,” said Sheppard.

Cozze battled hard for his first podium finish of the season with the series.

“The car was good everywhere. It could move all over the track. I knew the right rear tire was going to be an issue so once I got out front I started to cruise to save the tire. Sheppard kind of took me by surprise,” Cozze said.

Sheppard scored his third Super DIRTcar Series victory of the season and his sixth podium finish out of just eight series races.

For more news visit www.superdirtcarseries.com

Photo courtesy of www.dirttrackdigest.com/rickattheraces.com

Weekly Winners 7/5/16 - 7/11/16 July 11, 2016

Weekly Winners 7/5/16 - 7/11/16

Congratulations to:

Josh Richards – Deer Creek Speedway

Shane Clanton – Mason City Motor Speedway

Clint Smith – Senoia Raceway

Dale Hollidge – Winchester Speedway

Rich Neiser – Thunderbird Raceway

Russ King – Lernerville Speedway

Steve Stacy – South Bend Speedway (pictured)

Danny O’Brien – Can-Am Motorsports Park

Wade Hendrickson – Bridgeport Speedway

Louie Jackson Jr. – Mohawk Int’l. Raceway

Billy Decker – Canandaigua Motorsports Park

Leon Zeitner – Adams County Speedway

Andrew Scheid – Merritt Speedway

Craig Von Dohren – Big Diamond Speedway

Ben Nading - IA State Fair Speedway & Hamilton County Speedway

Daniel Smith - Buena Vista Raceway & Hamilton County Speedway

David Smith - Buena Vista Raceway

Chad Lonneman - Jackson Motorplex

Derek Green - Hancock County Speedway

Shane Swanson - Hancock County Speedway

Cory Probst - Arlington Raceway

Kelly Shryock - Fairmont Raceway

Cody Nielsen - Kossuth County Speedway

Jordan Grabouski - Beatrice Speedway

Todd Shute - IA State Fair Speedway

O'Brien Wins at Can-Am July 9, 2016

O'Brien Wins at Can-Am


LAFARGEVILLE, NY – The threat of rain loomed large over the evening’s racing, as many of the tracks in Northern New York were closed due to weather. It was a bounty night on driver Billy Dunn in the 358-Modified feature. The rules were straightforward: Billy Dunn had to start last in the feature, and he had to finish, in order for the extra cash bounty to be paid out. The top three finishers could earn bonus money should they all beat out Dunn on the night. Should Dunn win the feature, he would get the full bounty.

The 358 Small Block Modifieds launched into their feature next, with 1 Craig Collier and 39 Tyler Bartlett in the top two positions with 51x Brady Gill and 93 Ryan Bartlett in the second row. At the drop of the green, 39 Bartlett shot into the lead, with 24 Pat Dupree charging from sixth to second. A lap two caution brought the field back together. 9 Billy Dunn was the bounty man on the night – he started last, and was tasked with climbing through the field. By the lap-two caution restart, Dunn was already up from seventeenth to thirteenth position. By lap four, it was 39 Bartlett and 93 Bartlett in the top two positions. Another caution in lap six set the field for another restart. 9 Billy Dunn had climbed up to ninth position, while the Bartletts remained in first and second. The racers went three wide through turns one and two on the restart, but managed to all hold without disaster. 51x Brady Gill moved into second position by lap seven and then grabbed the lead a lap later. 25 Bobby Herrington was making noise, moving up from eleventh starting position to third by lap ten, while 17D Danny O’Brien snatched fourth position away from 93 Bartlett, demoting Bartlett to fifth. Falling rain interrupted racing during lap thirteen and the yellow flag came out. At the rain delay it was 51x Brady Gill, 39 Tyler Bartlett, 25 Bobby Herrington, 17D Danny O’Brien and 93 Ryan Bartlett in the top five positions. 9 Billy Dunn was in eighth. On the restart, 39 Bartlett and 51x Gill got together and narrowly avoided disaster right in front of the grand stands. 17D O’Brien took the opportunity to move into second behind Gill. 9 Billy Dunn moved up to fifth by lap fifteen. In lap seventeen, 51x Brady Gill went off the top of the track on the back straightaway and went to the pits. 17D O’Brien became the leader, with 39 Bartlett in second. By lap twenty-five, Billy Dunn had moved into third, supplanting Bartlett. With two laps remaining, 17D Danny O’Brien was half a track away from the second and third positions of 25 Bobby Herrington and 9 Billy Dunn. At the checkered flag, it was 17D O’Brien, 25 Herrington, 9 Dunn, 39 Tyler Bartlett and 24 Pat Dupree in the top five positions. The top two bounties paid out, while Dunn managed third place during a rain-influenced feature.

For additional news visit www.chapmanscanam.com

Photo courtesy of www.dirttrackdigest.com/Turn 4 Photos

Russ King Takes Checkers at Lernervile July 8, 2016

Russ King Takes Checkers at Lernervile

Kenny Schaltenbrand and Matt Lux had been long overdue for a win, and from the outset of the late model feature, it completely looked like one of them would get it.

Gary Lyle brought the 16 car feature to the green flag and after a caution for a turn four tangle involving Josh Powell and Andrew Wylie with one lap in the books, Schaltenbrand bolted for the top shelf and found himself in early command of the race. However, Lux who started fourth on the grid followed right behind him and behind them, lurked one Russ King who had fallen back on the restart early on, but was able to make his way around both Lyle and Mike Pegher Jr. on lap four to take the third spot. The top two cars seemed to be headed to a duel to the finish when on lap nine, Lux went off the top of turn two bringing out the caution.

Once action resumed, Schaltenbrand did not get the start he was looking for and King did as he got a good jump and made his way around Schaltenbrand with relative ease, taking Pegher along with him as Schaltenbrand was relagted to third and switched preferred lines to the bottom groove.

With the top two separated from the rest of the pack, Alex Ferree entered the fray as a contender. Ferree had started tenth on the grid, but had picked up positions patiently and looked to make things more interesting for King and company. He was assisted by a lap 18 caution when Dan Swartzlander spun in turn four.  On the restart, Pegher dove low to try to get underneath King but couldn’t come up with enough forward bite to make the bid for the lead happen while Ferree made his way around Schaltenbrand for the third spot. Pegher then slowed on lap 21, surrendering the second spot to Ferree, but with only four laps left and a sizable gap to close, he simply ran out of time to mount a serious challenge to King for the win.

For additional news visit www.lernerville.com

Photo courtesy of www.lernerville.com

Weekly Winners 6/28/16 - 7/4/16 July 4, 2016

Weekly Winners 6/28/16 - 7/4/16

Congratulations to:

Jared Miley – Marion Center Speedway

Jeff Waterman - Lee County Speedway

Cody Nielsen - Hancock County Speedway

Doug Smith - Buena Vista Raceway & Hamilton County Speedway

Lucas Schott - Mississippi Thunder Speedway

Jason Trammell – Volunteer Speedway

Rick Singleton – Hesston Speedway

Ricky Alvarado - Nodak Speedway

John Allen – Humboldt Speedway & Salina Highbanks Speedway (pictured)

Rodney Sanders – Salina Highbanks Speedway

Corey Madden - Crawford County Speedway

Dave Zagaiski – Berlin Raceway

Shane Swanson - Hancock County Speedway

Brandon Beckendorf - Fairmont Raceway & Jackson Motorplex

Cory Probst - Arlington Raceway

Tim Fuller – Canandaigua Motorsports Park

Dona Marcoullier – I-96 Speedway

Carey Terrance – Cornwall Motor Speedway

Matt Sheppard – Utica-Rome Speedway

Dustin Wiederhoeft - Fairmont Raceway

Chad Lebsock - Callaway Raceway

Frank Cozze – Grandview Speedway

Pete Bicknell – Ransomville Speedway

Rex King Jr. – Sharon Speedway

Ralph Morgan Jr. – Hesston Speedway

Jason Covert – Potomac Speedway

Luke Cranston – Dodge City Raceway Park

Clint Hatlestad - Arlington Raceway

Matt Cosner – Bedford Speedway

Jenae Gustin - Independence Motor Speedway

Scott Lewis – Colorado Motorsports Park

Gregg Satterlee – Winchester Speedway

Alex Ferree – Pittsburgh’s PA Motor Speedway

Daniel Smith - Buena Vista Raceway & Clay County Fair Speedway

David Smith - Clay County Fair Speedway & Hancock County Speedway

Josh Richards – Fayette County Speedway

Jon Mitchell – Timberline Speedway

Donovan Smith - Boone Speedway

John Carney – Dodge City Raceway Park

Brianna Ladouceur – Cornwall Motor Speedway

Billy Dunn – Can-Am Motorsports Park