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Weekly Winners 8/2/16 - 8/8/16 August 8, 2016

Weekly Winners 8/2/16 - 8/8/16

Congratulations to:

Dona Marcoullier – Merritt Speedway

Rex King Jr. – Sharon Speedway

Rodney Sanders – Valley Speedway

Steve Campbell – Selinsgrove Speedway

Terry Phillips – Humboldt Speedway (pictured)

Devin Dixon – Golden Isles Speedway

Russ King – Lernerville Speedway

Craig VonDohren – Big Diamond Speedway

Shane Clanton – Shawano Speedway

Josh Richards – Cedar Lake Speedway

Jeff Strunk – Grandview Speedway

Alan Rudalavage – Penn Can Speedway 

Coleby Frye – Clinton County Motor Speedway

Pete Bicknell – Ransomville Speedway

Brandon Burgoon – Pittsburgh’s PA Motor Speedway

Mark Norris – Batesville Motor Speedway

Robert Delormier – Cornwall Motor Speedway

Matt Sponaugle – Bedford Speedway

Billy Dunn – Can-Am Motorsports Park

A.J. Kingsley – Fulton Speedway

Jimmy Mars – Cedar Lake Speedway

Matt Sheppard – Merrittville Speedway

Brandon Schilling - Tucson Speedway

Derek Green - Clay County Fair Speedway & Kossuth County Speedway

Cody Nielsen - Clay County Fair Speedway

Brandon Beckendorf - Redwood Speedway

Adam Armstrong - Stuart Speedway

David Smith - Kossuth County Speedway, Clay County Fair Speedway & Buena Vista Raceway

Shane Swanson - Kossuth County Speedway

Cory Probst - Arlington Raceway

Chad Lonneman - Jackson Motorplex

Kelly Shryock - Fairmont Raceway

Dustin Wiederhoeft - Fairmont Raceway

Nick Meyer - Clay County Fair Speedway

Corey Madden - Shelby County Speedway

Justin Zeitner - Park Jefferson Speedway

Todd Boulware - Park Jefferson Speedway

Lucas Schott - Deer Creek Speedway & Mississippi Thunder Speedway

Jeff Waterman - 34 Raceway

Eric Stanton - Marshalltown Speedway

Darren Fuqua - Thunderhill Speedway

Richards Captures $50,000 at USA Nationals August 6, 2016

Richards Captures $50,000 at USA Nationals

NEW RICHMOND, Wisc. – August 6, 2016 – Josh Richards won his second career USA Nationals finale Saturday night at Cedar Lake Speedway.  The victory marked his 20th of the season (13th in the series) and 71st of his career in the World of Outlaws Craftsman® Late Model Series – one win from tying for the all-time series record.

“I don’t know what to say…I’m speechless,” said Richards, winning the $50,000 purse. “I can’t thank everyone enough for coming out. This car has been so fun to drive. This is awesome.”

The caution-filled night began with the 100-lap feature’s first on lap 10. Jonathan Davenport, who started runner-up to Shane Clanton, suffered a flat right rear tire. It seemed “Superman” had found his Kryptonite, as he veered-off into the pits. The other 30 cars moved-up for the restart; Richards and Mason Zeigler shared the podium with Clanton.

On the restart Clanton and Richards separated from the rest of the field. Zeigler and Eric Wells paired-up and dueled for the third spot. Wells was the weekend’s fast time winner, a first for him since his rookie year in 2013. He continued his hot streak; however, Zeigler briefly extinguished his chances of passing him.

Zeigler moved to Richards, sweeping the nose of his bumper through the backside of his No. 1 Valvoline/ Seubert Calf Ranches Rocket racecar. A three-wide battle between Clanton, Richards and Zeigler had the packed crowd on their feet for half of lap 12. Zeigler managed to get by Richards in turn four before another caution flag waved.

On the race’s third restart – one lap later – Richards reclaimed the second spot from the top of the cushion. Richards closed the gap between him and Clanton to as little as 0.455 seconds, but could not capitalize.

Zeigler could not take advantage of starting third in the feature, when mechanical issues ended his night early on lap 18. Dennis Erb. Jr. took his place in third spot momentarily until mechanical issue scrapped his chances seven laps later. Wells replaced the crippled cars in the third position; he went on to challenge Clanton on the restart, side-stepping Richards who took the outside.

Within two more cautions both Richards and Wells challenged Clanton for the top spot, staying within a second of him. Though Clanton blocked Richards’ inside attempt entering turn one, it only took two more turns for him swoop into the lead on lap 31. Richards diminished Clanton’s 0.8-second lead to 0.088 seconds in that sequence.

As for “Easy E” and his pursuit, it seemed to be the opposite. Through a series of cautions, Wells took to the lowest groove of the track with his No. 18 Allstar Performance/ Penske Racing Shocks Longhorn machine. At turn two of each of the three following cautions, Wells cut the corner. Though he compromised momentum exiting the corner – while Clanton built momentum on the top cushion – he ended up making the pass with 35 laps remaining. Clanton finished seventh on the night.

At first, Davenport seemed to be taken out of contention in the feature with his early troubles. But, throughout the race, he gained ground. By the halfway point, Davenport was back into the top 10. By the time Wells made the pass into second place, Davenport’s No. 6 Baird Transport/ Elite Concrete Longhorn car had him in his sights.

By this time, Davenport maintained a 0.45-second margin between him and Wells, biding his time. Davenport sailed on the top cushion, wildly flirting with the outside walls of each of the turns – at times kissing them with his right rear fender.

“We were reeling them in,” said Davenport, who charged hard from the back of the pack. “I thought, ‘Here we go, we have a shot.’ All I had to rely on was the cushion, and I was rolling on it decently.”

With 20 laps remaining, Davenport took his shot at Wells. In turn four, he was able to pass Wells for second place. Richards increased his lead to a tick shy of two and a half seconds. Davenport began to close the gap slightly, but it was not until the race’s final caution when he saw his chance.  With 9 laps remaining, Richards and Davenport had a shootout for the lead.

Richards stayed low on the track while Davenport stuck with his bread-and-butter up-top. A strong restart from Richards reopened more than a two-second gap, and the final dagger was when Davenport clipped the turn two wall. Davenport held his ground for second place even so, with Wells rounding out the podium.

“We had a shot at it with 10 [laps] to go,” Davenport said. “I made a run on him, jumped the cushion one time and that’s all we had for him.”

Wells finished the weekend recording his first fast time and fourth top five finish in 29 feature events this season. Wells said he stuck with the same setup all weekend, which proved to suit the track well.

“It was really good, and we got to stay out of trouble,” said Wells, who felt he was strongest in the middle of the track. “I saw Davenport coming up on me from the scoreboard and where he was, and it was fine by me. We stuck to the middle. We came home with third, but it felt good.”

For more news visit www.woolms.com

Photo courtesy of Fotos by Fizzle

Rudalavage Victorius at Penn Can Speedway August 5, 2016

Rudalavage Victorius at Penn Can Speedway

After eight different drivers visiting Penn Can Speedway’s victory lane in eight races, Alan Rudalavage finally broke the streak Friday night becoming the first repeat winner in the Modified feature. Dusty Barton, Shane Wolfe, Jr., Bud Phillips, Randy Fox and Frank Kennedy also raced to victories on Friday night.

Mike Dougherty blasted out to the early lead in the Modified feature with Frank Porreca following close behind. Dougherty was hooked up and flying and looked as though he may claim his first Penn Can Modified feture win. Unfortunately for Dougherty the only caution of the race came on lap 15 for a spinning Dan Morden. As that was happening Dougherty began to slow in turn three and pulled off the track.
That gave the lead to Porreca, who has had a difficult season up to this point. During the week they took the car to HigFab to have them go through it and get it dialed in. It worked as Porreca won his heat and now had the lead in the feature. Meanwhile Rudalavage overcame a heat race crash to charge to the runnerup spot with 12 laps to go.
Rudalavage hounded Porreca for a couple of laps using the bottom of the speedway. With nine to go Rudalavage dove to the inside of Porreca in turns three and four to take the lead. Once in front he never looked back and scored his second win of the season. Porreca had a strong second place showing.
Joey Colsten, who is chasing Rudalavage in the point standings, had another strong run finishing third just ahead of his father Mike Colsten, who fought off Joey Grammes for fourth. Sixth through tenth went to Brian Malcolm, Nick Rochinski, Ryan Olsommer, Mike Loney and Brad Szulewski.
For more news visit www.penncan.wix.com
Weekly Winners 7/26/16 - 8/1/16 August 1, 2016

Weekly Winners 7/26/16 - 8/1/16

Congratulations to:

Matt Sheppard – Autodrome Granby & Merrittville Speedway

Darrel DeFrance – Hamilton County Speedway (pictured)

Logan Martin – Legit Speedway Park

Craig Hanson – Fonda Speedway

Brandon Sheppard – Hilltop Speedway

Jordan Grabouski – Beatrice Speedway

Adam Armstrong – Beatrice Speedway

Matt Cosner – Bedford Speedway

Danny Johnson – Outlaw Speedway

Lucas Schott – Chateau Raceway & Mason City Motor Speedway

Tyler Siri – Outlaw Speedway

Weston Koop – Mason City Motor Speedway

Craig VonDohren – Big Diamond Speedway

John Flinner – Lernerville Speedway

Frank Cozze – Autodrome Drummond

Robert Bublak – Albany Saratoga Speedway

Donovan Smith – Buena Vista Raceway & Marshalltown Speedway

Mario Clair – Cornwall Motor Speedway

Shane Clanton – Quincy Raceways

Tyler Prochaska – Hamilton County Speedway

Josh Richards – Fairbury American Legion Speedway

Billy Dunn – Can-Am Motorsports Park & Mohawk Int’l. Raceway

David Payne – Boyd’s Speedway

Kelly Shryock – Hancock County Speedway

Clint Smith – Senoia Raceway

Richards Sweeps Prairie Dirt Classic Weekend July 30, 2016

Richards Sweeps Prairie Dirt Classic Weekend

FAIRBURY, Ill. – July 30, 2016 – Josh Richards completed the “Prairie Dirt Classic” sweep Saturday night in front of a packed house, winning the 100-lap finale at Fairbury American Legion Speedway. The victory was Richards’ 11th of the season and his 69th of his career in the series.

“To win this race at Fairbury, it’s one I’ve always looked forward to,” Richards said. “It’s cool to finally get one.”

Richards, starting 11th in the feature, worked his way to the top gradually. While he was in the pursuit of the podium, race leader Steve Casebolt – who led the field into the green flag – established himself on the top cushion of the 1/4-mile oval.

In the opening laps, Casebolt extended his lead to nearly four seconds, while the trio of drivers behind him spanned three-wide among the width of the track. On lap 15, Casebolt broke into lapped traffic – using the nose of his car to wedge himself through the field. Don O’Neal capitalized on the three-way battle, side-skirting the completion into second position. O’Neal used the bottom of the track for the majority of the race.

Tim McCreadie, who was one of the players in the three-car shootout, was able to break away from the other two. He challenged O’Neal for the runner-up spot. O’Neal had nothing for McCreadie, losing the battle. All the while, Richards gained enough momentum to challenge a fading O’Neal for the third spot; Richards eventually won the battle. Back-to-back cautions not only instantly diminished Casebolt’s 3.664-second lead, but his car experienced mechanical problems prompting the second caution. It took him out of contention as he could not finish the race.

Richards used the top groove as his route to the top, though in the process his No. 1 Valvoline/ Seubert Calf Ranches Rocket car suffered some minor left-rear body damage. Illinois-native Bobby Pierce followed suit, riding the cushion with Richards. The nose of Pierce’s car ended up pitching the car airborne, causing another caution to regroup the field.

On the restart, Richards secured the top of the track, and McCreadie and O’Neal soon revisited their battle below him. Shane Clanton and his No. 25 Weldbank Energy/ Coopers Meat Packers Capital car entered the battle three laps into the halfway point of the race. Again, a three-way battle was to determine who would take second position. The battle lasted nearly 10 laps, but Clanton came out on top.

Following the battle, McCreadie fell back into fourth position with Dennis Erb Jr.’s No. 28E J.R. McBride Leasing/ McBride Mack Black Diamond nipping at his heels. With 40 laps remaining, Erb overtook McCreadie for third position; O’Neal lost enough momentum battling Richards, which left the door open for Erb and Clanton to pass him from both sides of the track. Erb was next to challenge Richards following the race’s final caution with 26 laps remaining, but he came up short.

“We just had one heck of a race at the end,” Erb said. “I have a lot of respect for [Josh] and these other guys out here. We all wanted to race hard, and we all want to win. But we have to go out there and respect each other, too. It could have went either way. We’re just happy to come home with second.”

Richards relived a similar fight for first from earlier this season at “The Dream.” Erb ended up passing Richards that night, winning the event. Richards evened-up the score at Fairbury.

“I’ll tell you, [Dennis] is one of the best guys in the country with these long races,” Richards said. “He paced himself around the bottom and I saw him a couple of times. The top was good early, and when you’re leading you’re sometimes a sitting duck. This track had not one preferred groove.”

Though Richards did not build a comfort zone between Erb and Clanton for the next 30 laps, the closest the two ever got to him was 0.498 of a second. Erb and Clanton battled briefly for the second spot, but Erb was able to keep Clanton at bay. From there, the podium did not change.

“The outside was treacherous,” said Clanton, who could not overtake Erb in the final laps. “It was overall a good weekend. Hopefully we can keep running consistent top five finishes, and the wins will take care of themselves.”

Jonathan Davenport, who won the non-qualifier, opted to forfeit the $2,000 purse to be added to the 100-lap feature. Dvenport finished 28th.

For additional news visit www.woolms.com

Schott Wins at Chateau Raceway July 29, 2016

Schott Wins at Chateau Raceway

LANSING, Minn.—The tale of the tape was tires, and Lucas Schott had just a little more left than Zack VanderBeek Friday night at the Chateau Raceway.

The racing surface began to take rubber in the United States Modified Touring Series main event, and right rear tires began to feel the strain around lap 30 in the 42-lapper.

Front-runners Cade Dillard and Jesse Sobbing lost theirs on laps 31 and 35, respectively, but the biggest bang came with just two laps remaining when race-long leader Zack VanderBeek saw his hopes shredded less than a mile from the finish line.

Lucas Schott, who shadowed VanderBeek throughout the race, inherited the top spot for the final restart and held on over the final two trips around the 1/3-mile oval to score his first win of the 2016 campaign and pocket the $3,000 winner’s paycheck.

Ninth-starting Jason Hughes came home second with Brandon Davis, Steve Wetzstein and Clayton Wagamon finishing third, fourth and fifth.

Masen Big Eagle was slated to start on the pole but mechanical issues forced him to miss the parade lap and start the race from the tail of the field but the Canadian worked his way back up to sixth by the end.

Dillard rebounded in the final dozen laps to take seventh, Jason Cummins was eighth, Greg Pfeifer claimed the ninth spot and Mark Motl rounded out the top 10.

For more news visit www.usmts.com

Photo courtesy of www.usmts.com/Buck Monson