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Weekly Winners 6/12/18 - 6/18/18 June 18, 2018

Weekly Winners 6/12/18 - 6/18/18

Congratulations to:

Max Blair – Eriez Speedway & McKean County Raceway

Tyler Bare – Virginia Motor Speedway

Cody Nielsen - Clay County Fair Speedway

Mike Marlar – Ransomville Speedway

Andy Bryant - Lakeside Speedway & Lucas Oil Speedway

Ryan Godown – Big Diamond Speedway & Grandview Speedway

Stormy Scott - Cedar Lake Speedway

Derek Doll – Tyler County Speedway

Aaron Reutzel – Waynesfield Raceway Park

Dustin Gulbrandson - Mason City Motor Speedway

Brandon Beckendorf - Fairmont Raceway

Jordan Grabouski - Beatrice Speedway

Eric Stanton - Hamilton County Speedway

Brett Tonkin – Afton Speedway

Demetrious Drellos – Fonda Speedway

Dakota Ewing – Lincoln Speedway

Shannon Babb – Dirt Oval at Route 66, Sycamore Speedway & Kankakee County Speedway

Clint Smith – Senoia Raceway

Matt DeLorenzo – Albany-Saratoga Speedway

David Smith - Clay County Fair Speedway

Craig Von Dohren – Grandview Speedway

Brandon Sheppard - Stateline Speedway & Wayne County Speedway

Scott Bogucki – Devil’s Bowl Speedway

Jason Covert – Potomac Speedway

Jared Miley – Lernerville Speedway

Clint Hatlestad - Princeton Speedway

Michael Chilton – Crossville Speedway

Derek Green - Fairmont Raceway

Jeff Waterman - 34 Raceway

Devin Smith - Buena Vista Raceway

Cory Crasper – Deer Creek Speedway

Jared Boumeester - Hancock County Speedway

Rodney Sanders – Cedar Lake Speedway

Brent Kelsey – Mohawk International Raceway

Rob Hughes - Kossuth County Speedway

Michael Lake – Dog Hollow Speedway

Red Monson – Crawford County Speedway

Josh Sunn – Devil’s Bowl Speedway (pictured)

Bill Crimmins - Sports Park Raceway

Matt Sheppard – Brewerton Speedway

Andy Nezworski – Quad City Speedway

Ashton Winger – Senoia Raceway

Robby Rosselli - Nodak Speedway

Weekly Winners 6/5/18 - 6/11/18 June 11, 2018

Weekly Winners 6/5/18 - 6/11/18

Congratulations to:

Jeremy Smith – Thunder Mountain Speedway

Travis Stemler – Tri-City Motor Speedway

Danny O’Brien – Brockville Ontario Speedway

Robby Rosselli - Estevan Motor Speedway

Dale Markham – Sycamore Speedway

Jordan Grabouski - Eagle Raceway & Beatrice Speedway

Mike Spatola – Fairbury American Legion Speedway & Farmer City Raceway 

Derek Green - Hamilton County Speedway

Travis Hagen - Big Sky Speedway

Michael Norris – Lernerville Speedway

Myles Michehl - Boone Speedway

Clint Hatlestad - Princeton Speedway

Mat Williamson – Merrittville Speedway

Pat Graham - Marshalltown Speedway

Jared Boumeester – Fairmont Raceway

Kody Scholpp - Big Sky Speedway

Carey Terrance – Cornwall Motor Speedway

David Smith - Buena Vista Raceway

Tanner English – Lake Cumberland Speedway

Jason Minnehan - Sports Park Raceway

Billy Dunn – Can-Am Motorsports Park

Jon Lee – Dog Hollow Speedway

Rex King Jr. – Lernerville Speedway

Johnny Jackson – Cornwall Motor Speedway

Bailey Harris – Cochran Motor Speedway

Jason Covert – Williams Grove Speedway

AJ Diemel – Cedar Lake Speedway

Cruz Skinner – Moulton Speedway

Pete Bicknell – Ransomville Speedway

Ashton Winger – Greenville Speedway

Johnny Scott - Salina Speedway

Brandon Pruitt – Stuart Speedway (pictured)

Jeff Waterman - Lee County Speedway

Matt Sheppard – Land of Legends Raceway, Outlaw Speedway & Weedsport Speedway

Darron Fuqua - Lakeside Speedway & Lucas Oil Speedway

Alan Rudalavedge – Penn Can Speedway

Duane Howard – Big Diamond Speedway 

Rodney Sanders – 81 Speedway & Dodge City Raceway Park 

Max Blair – Eriez Speedway

Mike Laughard – Dog Hollow Speedway

Jeff Strunk – Grandview Speedway

Andy Bryant - Lucas Oil Speedway

Terrance and Jackson Jr. Win at Cornwall Motor Speedway June 10, 2018

Terrance and Jackson Jr. Win at Cornwall Motor Speedway

Cornwall, Ont – Sunday, June 10, 2018 – Martin Bélanger – BDO Canada presented one of the best bargains of the year with a total of 7 features on a very busy night.

The 30-lap Polar Sound DJ Services Modified from June 10th as Lee Ladouceur took the lead over Kevin Hamel and Dany Gagné. Brian McDonald made his way to the top three by lap 5. Caution was out for Pascal Daigle on lap 9. On the restart, Ladouceur had company in Gagné, Carey Terrance and Chris Raabe. Terrance had a strong car and was up to second by lap 12. A restart on lap 13 saw Terrance taking the lead. Terrance survived a few cautions in the middle portion. Terrance was flying on the speedway with McDonald in second, caution was out on lap 22. Terrance led the final laps to get his first win of the season.

The Polar Sound DJ Services Modified from June 3rd saw Mario Clair taking the lead followed by Louie Jackson and Tyler Givogue. Jackson was on the back bumper of Clair by lap 10. Jackson found something in the middle lane and took the lead over Clair on lap 14. Jackson build a good lead over the rest of the field with 10 laps to go. Jackson dominated the last portion to grab his first career win in the 358-Modified over Carey Terrance and Clair.

For additional news visit www.cornwallspeedway.com

Spatola Nabs Second Allen Memorial Win June 9, 2018

Spatola Nabs Second Allen Memorial Win

Mike Spatola had one of those nights where all went well as he cruised to the checkered flag to win the 22nd annual “Pappy and Bob Allen Memorial at Fairbury American Legion Speedway on Saturday.
Spatola also grabbed a check of $2,000 for being the winner.

There were 14 late model drivers who qualified for the 35-lap, Allen Memorial with Myles Moos turning heads by posting fast time of 13.153 seconds. Spatola and Kevin Weaver won their respected heat races.

Spatola took a healthy lead at the start, with Scott Schmitt, Weaver, Billy Drake, and Derek Chandler trying to keep up with the race leader. After an early caution period, Spatola maintained the lead as Weaver took second from Schmitt and Chandler got by Drake for fourth.
As the track began to take rubber, drivers ran single file on the top. Caution fell on lap 21.

With Spatola safely in the lead, Schmitt snuck by Weaver for second. Debris caused another yellow flag on lap 24. The restart saw Weaver reclaim second from Schmitt and Moos take fifth from Chandler. After a final caution on lap 29, Spatola left his competition and took his third win of the year at Fairbury and second Allen Memorial race.

“We didn’t expect the track to rubber up like it did,” Spatola said. “The car was a little free. I think we made the wrong call on tires, but it was still good. This car is amazing. No matter where I want to go, I am able to put it there. The car is everything I could hope for.”

The remainder of the top 10 were Weaver, Schmitt, Drake, Moos, Bill Hough, Steve Thorsten, Chandler, Jeff Curl and Glen Thompson.
For additional news visit www.pontiacdailyleaders.com
Weekly Winners 5/29/18 - 6/4/18 June 4, 2018

Weekly Winners 5/29/18 - 6/4/18

Congratulations to:

Kelly Shryock - Hancock County Speedway & Sports Park Raceway

Dale Thurman – Dixie Speedway

Rick Thornton Jr. - Benton County Speedway & Mason City Motor Speedway

Brad Smith - Lakeside Speedway

Bumper Jones – Southern New Mexico Speedway (pictured)

Paul Kot – Hummingbird Speedway

Kevin Smith - Skagit Speedway

Jason Trammell – Tazewell Speedway

Darron Fuqua - Lakeside Speedway

Ronnie Johnson – Senoia Raceway

Ed Noll - I-35 Speedway

Jon Lee – Dog Hollow Speedway

Eric Stanton - Southern Iowa Speedway, Hamilton County Speedway & Mason City Motor Speedway

Randy Hannagan – Limaland Motorsports Park

Jack Sullivan – I-30 Speedway & Crowley’s Ridge Raceway

Jordan Grabouski - Beatrice Speedway

Paul Banghart – Tucson Speedway

Derek Green - Nobles County Speedway & Mason City Motor Speedway

Brian Shirley – Fayette County Speedway & Tri-City Speedway

Jared Boumeester - Mason City Motor Speedway

Travis Hagen - Williston Basin Speedway

Devin Smith - Buena Vista Speedway

Mark Elliott - Hamilton County Speedway

Max Blair – Stateline Speedway

Jimmy Owens – Volunteer Speedwway

Craig Von Dohren – Georgetown Speedway

Mat Sheppard – Land of Legends Raceway

Jason Minnehan - Hamilton County Speedway

Brandon Beckendorf - Fairmont Raceway

Austin Horton – Dixie Speedway

Aaron Reutzel – Lernerville Speedway

Mat Williamson – Merrittville Speedway

Mike Spatola - Fairbury Speedway & Farmer City Speedway

Jason Bass - Sports Park Raceway

Jeff Waterman - Lee County Speedway

Jimmy Parker Jr. – The Bullring at LVMS

Rich Neiser – Thunderbird Raceway

Jared Miley – Stateline Speedway

James Dennis – Ohio Valley Speedway

Stewart Friesen – Orange County Fair Speedway

Adam Johnson - Independence Motor Speedway

Brandon Givens - 81 Speedway

Brian Shirley Sweeps MARS Weekend With Fayette County Win June 2, 2018

Brian Shirley Sweeps MARS Weekend With Fayette County Win

BROWNSTOWN, ILLINOIS – June 2, 2018 – The MARS Super Late Model Racing Series would make its second and final visit of the 2018 season to Fayette County Speedway in Brownstown, IL and just like the first visit, Brian Shirley of Chatham, Ill. would take the lead in the early stages of the contest and would never be seriously challenged throughout the event to claim his second win of the weekend and another $3,000 payday.


The win for Shirley would be his fourth of the season with the MARS tour, his second at Fayette County Speedway with the series, and his 12th career series victory and would come behind the wheel of the familiar Bob Cullen owned Thomason Express, Kid’s Castle Learning Center, Jayco Construction, Cheap Cars, Vallejo Inc., KBC Graphics sponsored #3s Rocket Chassis, Andy Durham Race Engines powered entry.


Tanner English and Brian Shirley would duel side-by-side for the first two laps of the contest, with English nipping Shirley at the line each lap for the lead, however, Shirley would gain the advantage and take the first position on lap three.  Meanwhile, Shannon Babb would be third and receive pressure from fourth place running Jason Feger, while Dennis Erb, Jr. gave chase to this pair from fifth.  The first caution of the event waved on lap six when Mason Oberkramer would slow on the racing surface and erase Shirley’s early advantage.  The restart would see Shirley maintain the lead, while Babb pressured English would second and would take the position on lap seven.  With Shirley again stretching his lead, Tim Manville would challenge Erb, Jr. for the fifth position and take the spot on lap nine.  The pair would continue to contest the fifth position, while Shirley starting the process of lapping slower traffic on lap twelve, with Erb, Jr. reclaiming the fifth position on the same circuit. The final caution of the race flew on lap eighteen when Joe Godsey would slow with mechanical issues and be done for the event. 


The final restart of the race would see Shirley again get a great start, with Babb maintaining the second position, while Feger would work past English to claim the third position on lap nineteen.  Erb, Jr. would be the next driver to challenge English for position and would take the fourth spot away from English on lap twenty-two, and would sneak past Feger for the third position one lap later.  With Shirley motoring away from the field at this point, Erb, Jr. would continue his charge around the bottom of the track and score the second position from Babb on lap twenty-seven.  A three-wide battle for fifth would break out at this point and eleventh-place starting Michael Kloos would make his way into the top five and would snatch the fourth position away from Feger on lap thirty-one, as Shirley would again have to contend with lapped traffic at this point in the event.  Kloos would continue his late race charge and take the third position from Babb on lap thirty-four, while thirteenth-place starting Tony Jackson, Jr. would make his way into the top five around Feger on lap thirty-six and would work past Babb for the fourth position two trips later.  However, Shirley would work traffic masterfully over the final few circuits and score his second victory of the weekend, with Erb, Jr. claiming his second consecutive second place finish of the weekend, with Kloos settling for third.  Jackson, Jr. would come fourth, with Babb rounding out the top five.  The remainder of the top ten finishers would be Feger, Gordy Gundaker, seventeenth-place starter Caleb Ashby, English, and eighteenth-place starter Dean Carpenter. 


For additional news visit www.marsracingseries.com